Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

For those who don't understand what it means, please read this wikipedia entry here.

As usual with Hari Raya I went to my aunt's house to eat. Chicken curry, lamb curry, beef rendang, satay, ketupat, those rice balls thingy that I don't know what they're called and am too lazy to google it. Also had biscuits and kuih lapis which means I probably gained 2 kg for lunch alone. So I am skipping dinner tonight.

Short entry cos I'm not a Raya person. I don't like visiting and going to other people's houses, shake everyone's hands and say Selamat Hari Raya. Then eating the food to be polite, and unable to refuse the cakes when they say they made it themselves. Its delicious but we got to visit other houses too and by the time I come home I feel quite sick from all the food. Sorry but I don't like visiting. When the host is so busy cos of too many people at their houses, we're left sitting there getting rid of their flies from their food. Boring. What is to like about visiting? No more receiving ang pau's cos we're too old. Haha.

Some more have to be on our best behavior cos its our parent's friends. So we answer the same questions: your daughter studying or working? If studying, oh study what, study where? If working. where? why not government job? why don't go singapore? why not stay in london?!!! Arrrghhh,...!!! I hate visiting!

Some more weather is so hot in Kuching! Put on make up and dress up in the morning and make up melts wtf. I look horrible and I feel bloated.

But yea Selamat Hari Raya. At least its public holidays!


Wending Tang said...

Food. Glorious Food. The best part of life. You will amazed how much I can eat when I come. Hahaha

Amy said...

i'm not amazed. i know you eat alot. and you love desserts! haha..come to kuching!!