Wednesday, 21 January 2009


No updates cos I'm sick again. On sick leave again today. Sorry Shirley I didn't reply ur messages or calls. Really not feeling well..

Back to work tomorrow..Not looking forward!! But 2 working days left to go only. I can do this!

Oh ya, I dyed my hair sometime last week. I randomly chose a color on reaching the saloon.

End result?

Not clear?

That is pretty cousin in the middle btw who is in Kuching for cny holidays. Going back in 3 weeks and has a bf already. :) No more questions.

In previous posts, I remember saying winnie and mum made sushi. It tastes ok lar. Nothing we've decided not to serve them during cny. Save the embarrassment. You know what its like to visit someone else's house and try the cookies they made.

The meat floss popiah. I think that's the name anyway.. I helped make this and it erm tastes alrite. Nothing special. The short n fat ones are made by winnie. I made the long ones. Mum made the perfect looking ones...

More photos of pretty cousin singing karaoke. So happens she's a great singer too. Unlike winnie and I. we suck!

Non-singers order alcohol and play card games and camwhore and applaud the singers.

Kevin says my hair color looks the same. No difference wtf.

Sisterly love.

Ah boon looks hiao here beside xiao rong...:)

The non singer.

Enough photos. It is 9pm. Off to bed.

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