Monday, 2 February 2009


Earlier tonight we went on our traditional Chinese new year dinner at a restaurant to have yu san. I don't know pinyin but that's how mum pronounce it. This is the yu san I'm talking about:

We choose a restaurant to go to every year to have this cos dad says its a must especially since he's doing business etc. Some kind of pantang i think. Also before you eat the yu san, everyone around the table has to stand up and use the chopsticks to fling the food around. Hahaha..I'm lousy at explaining. Basically, you just have to mix the food around, mix it well and fling it higher.

Mixing the yu san.

I think dad lost some weight over chinese new year. Oh ya...did I mention before mum and dad both quit smoking? Pretty amazing, I never thought they would both be able to do it. Anyway both of them gained alot of weight after quitting. Dad said he went through 4 packs of Dunhill Menthol Lights per day, while mum smoked one pack each day. Amazing that they both managed to quit after what 30, 40 years? Cool...wish I can quit alcohol too. Heh. But I don't really want to now..Maybe when I'm pregnant in the future..

Sorry I digressed. Back to topic. Sorry winnie's face is blur. But everyone here has seen enough photos of winnie eh. Hahahahhaa...

Winnie's cute furry pink mobile pouch.

This year's dinner was a bit different. None of us knew that dinner consisted of one main course only excluding the yu san. Mum only said dinner tonight at lok thian. The RM399 dinner. So I expected the usual soup first, the maybe some chicken, fish, veg etc. But no. We got this:

This is the main course for the night. For 7 people. It was a huge pot that was layered with all sorts of rich food such as those huge oyster mushroom, prawns, scallops, abalone, shark fin, sea cucumber etc...

Oh before I forget. There were some big abalones in the pot. When dad was scooping some food into winnie's bowl, he started by filling in fishballs, mushrooms etc..When he saw the abalone, he calmly scooped it up and instead of depositing it into winnie's bowl, he put it on mum's plate. Winnie thought ok, nvm. Should have some more. But by the time everyone finished serving, winnie was left with nothing.

I could tell she was a bit beh song. But she kept it to the car... siaw rong them asked winnie: why didn't u eat much? She burst out: cos i don't really like the fishball and dad keep taking it for me. then I don't eat yam, i don't like duck, or the pork. I can't eat prawn cos i'm coughing. I want the abalone but dad took it to mum instead of giving me. she went on ranting while everyone burst out laughing. She was so indignant that dad gave it to mum.. then of course mum and dad laughed like shit and said tomoro we cook abalone for her larr...

No one knew she minded that much. cos when I took the first bowl, I saw there was a lot in the pot still...Winnie actually told me: in case I don't get to eat any, leave me a bite ok. don't finish it. Let me try. But i didn't lar..i finish eating cos I really saw a lot in the pot. I never knew winnie never tried it, cos mum sometimes cook it at home, but she makes it spicy so winnie never tried it before so she was curious and wanted to try just now. Heh..

Anyway dinner was different this year but once is enough really. I don't think its really worth it ler. I'd rather go to some Japanese or Italian buffet and stuff myself with food cos at least I'd feel I ate enough stuff. People like Kevin think its a waste of money.

Camwhore starts. Take 1.

Take 5.

Take 10.

The only way I can get ah boi to take a photo with me is to open the fridge then he sits quietly beside me. =)

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