Thursday, 5 February 2009

CNY Part 2

These are the rest of photos from Day 2 - 5 of chinese new year 2009. Day 5 falls on a Friday and work starts on Monday. On the first day back of office, many of them brought leftover cakes and cookies to share. Nice. I didn't though cos there are still people visiting my house.

This was taken on the 2nd day at Uncle Richard's house. Dad and his friends were having Glenfiddich 18 years whiskey with water. They poured the first glass of whiskey water for us. After finishing it, winnie went out and helped herself to some more whiskey. But she decided to add coke instead, cos not used to drinking it with water.

As soon as they (dad and his friends, around 5 of them) saw her, they started exclaiming, half scolding: why add coke?? you'll only get drunk more quickly you know?? Add plain water! This is 18 years whiskey!! Why add coke? This is like taking a Ferrari and mixing it with some lousy tyres etc...etc..non stop. Actually we've been hearing this for years. But we're just not used to drinking whiskey with water. Sorry!! :)

My parents and their friends have a routine everyday. The first five days are fully booked. Each one of my dad's friends open house one day. This year, the first day, I stayed home and waited for people to come visiting. In the morning, entertained relatives and cousins and mostly people from dad's office.

It's routine actually. We wake up, shower, put on make up, dress up nicely then go to their house. Eat first; normally they call catering, and then try their cakes and biscuits, then start drinking, and gambling, talking etc. Its the same at every house.

This photo below was on the 3rd day at Uncle Johnny's house. Winnie happy with her cheesecake(s).

Her face looks red but she only had a glass of whiskey coke. No effect on her at all seriously..

This was the fourth day at our house. Our open day. Damn busy the whole day; our house was filled with people everywhere. Mum cooked some dishes, and we ordered catering as well.

Winnie's group of friends playing mahjong in the study room.

My job after serving their drinks, helping mum with the food, and making small talk was to get rid of the flies in the car park!

Oh, and me.

This is another group at the dining table..

Dominoes issit? Pai kau in chinese. No idea how to play this..I watched them but I didn't understand. Seems like only 4 players can play in a game. No idea.

Winnie's group of friends..

I just realized I haven't taken much photos this cny. And we didn't take a family portrait again this year. Damn.

Our little prince was left outside in the kitchen most of the time during cny. Can't let him in cos of the house guests. Some more, he's afraid of the fireworks. Poor thing. He lost weight over cny. He's normally so pampered by us all that he refuses to eat when he's kept in the kitchen. Haha..

Cs bought some dog biscuits back from HK for ah boi. He said they're not cheap some more. What if he refuses to eat them? Luckily ah boi almost always eats everything. If you tempt him in the correct way, i.e, break them into small pieces, pretend that you're having whatever you're going to give him (pretend to munch), and voila. He'll eat!

The last resort is: give him a piece of cuttlefish (his favorite) and after that he'll eat pretty much everything...

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