Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tell me why

can't I say NO to Pizza?

I seriously think there is something wrong with my genes. Maybe mum starved herself during pregnancy and didn't eat any pizza at all during the 9 months that I was inside her body. So that's why everytime I see pizza now, I have to eat it! Kind of like revenge?

Back in London, Shirley and I used to order from Pizza Gogo at least once a month. It is so sinful but damn delicious, and cheap too! Before, Shirley used to work at Pizza Hut in London and the store which she works at had these pizza buffets. Being her friend, I get to eat free(yay). But a pizza buffet?! Any idea how fattening that is? And since she works in the kitchen, she feeds me alot! Lasagne, chips, cheese cakes. And after she finish work, she would make pizzas to bring home for me! Despite all that pizza, I still wasn't sick of it. Why?


Maybe I should get a part time job at Pizza Hut then I will get sick of it. Cos I used to love McD. When I worked there, I hardly ate the fries. So so so so so sick of it. My body stank of fries. My hair, my clothes, my bag, my bra, my undies all reek of the oil and fries smell. And only then do I realize how often do they change the oil. Haha..

But hey Shirley used to work at Pizza Hut and I watched her make pizzas and close the kitchen at night but I still ate the pizza. Cheese stuck between fingernails, dirty pans with cheese still stuck to it after coming out of the dishwasher. Hmm..yea..a bit offputting now I think of it.

But it still tastes good, dirty nails and all. We all know better than to watch the chef in action when at outside restaurants right, especially kopitiams and fast food restaurant. The faster they move, the less time they have to care about hygiene. Just as long as I don't have to watch the chef in action, I'll eat it. Home cook is best. Mum is best. =)

I once saw a fellow colleague during a busy dinner period make some double cheeseburgers without gloves. It was gross. Why? Peeling off the cheese with his bare hands, adding ketchup, pickles and the bun. Hmm... Another time, during a busy lunch hour, my colleague dropped the toasted Big Mac bun on the floor but hurriedly picked it up, dusted it with his hands and put it back on top of the meat. It was too busy, and too much hassle to toast eight more buns at the same time, so what could he do? Anyway, not like customers are so sensitive that they get diarrhea immediately after the burger right.

I digressed.

Still love Pizza. Will worship Pizza till the day I die. Amen.

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