Monday, 23 February 2009

Another wedding

So here are photos from last Saturday. All from other people's camera which I stole off the public folder at work. Thanks everyone. I knew I didn't have to bring a camera. Haha..

The Church reception in the morning which I couldn't wake up to. I did the right thing to my body by sleeping till 1pm that day. I'm sorry but my health is more important. Not like anyone missed me anyway..:)

The wedding dinner at Hilton at night. Their wedding is more westernised compared with all the other weddings I've ever been too (not a lot actually. just a handful). There is no Yam Seng. The bride and groom go up on stage whereby Sean makes a short speech (I have found my newfound love, I am very happy, heres to a happy future together) and then we toast the bride and groom saying: SeanandAnne. Twice. To be honest, it sounded a bit awkward. A bit too quiet. The music was switched off and there was total silence when everyone toasted and then drank. Then everyone clapped and resumed their seats. Hmm..

I like these white roses ensemble with the pearls hanging from the entrance of the ballroom. Pretty no?

Speaking of pretty, this is the bride: Anne.

Another pretty thing: the candle! This is the first cold dish combination. The purple thing is some crispy popiah with yam. Tastes pretty awesome for yam. =p

Table 13. The lights make everything seem glow in the dark..

We were entertained throughout dinner by a Jazz Band performing and singing to mostly love songs. I was surprised they didn't set up a dance floor in the middle of the hall so that some people can dance. It would have made a very nice change. I wish I could do that at my wedding..

Some of my colleagues..

Front row from left: Shepy, Grace, Mary and Charissa. Back row: Anne and Amelie.

Some of the guys from our table: Back row from left: Jeradiah, Wilson, Lesley. Front: Aaron and Eric.

Laughing at boss' speech? He said something along the lines of: For a happy and successful marriage, the secret lies not in those special three words: I LOVE YOU. Instead, all it takes is two very simple words: YES DEAR. No matter what your wife says, just reply yes dear.

This drew many laughs. And for the rest of the night until today even at work, I keep hearing my male colleagues teasing each other with Yes Dear.

If you look closely, I'm somewhere in the background of this photo.

To make me feel better, here are some better looking photos taken from better angles.

At the end of the night around 2am when all the make up is practically gone.

Good night.

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