Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 Part 1

I shall blog about my Chinese new year in photos. In parts. This is Part 1. Mostly taken on Chinese New Year Eve and the First Day only.

I'm so sleepy. Photos speak for themselves anyway. A picture is worth a thousand words. And I'm out of words right now.

Debris. Aftermath.

First day. Seems traditional to wear a cheongsam on the first day of cny.

Yes I am aware I have a lot of photos of myself in my short cheongsam with the very high slit.

I only wore this at home anyway, not out anywhere. Damn hard to sit down properly without showing my ass or undies.

Mum and siaw rong, who is going back in two weeks. Time flies man. She's been here a month already..Speaking of this, I'm going to Damai this weekend! Yeah baby. Long time I haven't been swimming or to the beach.

Everyone meet Eli. She is the best!

Everyone meet Kevin in his samfoo. Is that what you call that? The male version of cheongsam. Heh..

Me driving nowadays is a rare sight. I'm used to my own personal chauffeur. Hahaa..thanks baby. =)

At Amelie's place..

Lion dance. I'm so lazy to explain right now. This was taken at my dad's friend's house. It was damn huge ok. Here let me show you part of the garden where I was sitting:

This one photo is sufficient to show how huge his place is. Look at that palm tree. There's much more behind me..This is just a small part of his front porch. Damn.

Off to bed. I will update next time.

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James Chong said...

Wow... You have lovely lovely legs...lol