Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Valentine

A week ago I asked him: what are we doing for Valentines? He smiled and tried to change the topic. As the day got nearer, I asked more and more. The day before, he finally relented and asked where would I like to go for dinner? Carvery, Merdeka Palace or Hilton Steakhouse for dinner? I chose the Merdeka buffet. It was some International buffet with the usual food. The place was decorated with little hearts and stars and a lot of pink and white ribbons, while blue-shirt clad waitresses wandered around refilling our drinks. Overall it felt weird!

There was a single rose on the table, and also many little stars and hearts littering the table. Cs gave me the rose, saying: economic downturn baby. Sorry. Hahahaa...that's okay.

After dinner he told me that he had to go to Hilton to meet a publisher. Some work related stuff to pass the quotation since he will be leaving the next day. I said ok of course.. However, due to the amount of traffic by the roadside resulting from the many stalls selling flowers, candy, soft toys etc by the road side, there was no parking and traffic had slowed to a crawl. It sucks. He left me there in the car while he took some papers to Hilton. Not 5 minutes later, a jam had formed where he parked. Cars couldn't pass through and a quarrell was forming between 3 cars. I was afraid that they would result in a fight so quickly called cs to come back and move his car.

Found a parking and he told me the client was not feeling well and told cs to go to his hotel room wtf. So cs told me to accompany him, in hopes that the client would let cs go off. since its valentines and all that..

On reaching the hotel room, cs knocked on the door. I was thinking: why is he knocking so softly? can he hear? what if he's asleep since he's sick? then cs took out the room key and led me into the room. I was thinking: waa..the client gave cs his room key? Is he Gay??!!

The first thing I saw was that the room was dark wtf! Gay!! Then I saw some balloons. Then I saw candles. Then I saw cs smiling at me.. Then I said: is this a surprise????

The scene that greeted me...

After he turned on the gay client. hahaha...stupid Amy. Turned out he went to light the candles and put on some music and prepare the wine glasses etc while I waited in the car. Now I know why he was so impatient during the jam. He was afraid the candles would spill over and burn something..Heh..

I love candles..thank u baby..:)

What happened to economic downturn?

He also bought champagne. He went to so much trouble to plan the night, and to hide it from me. Quite an accomplishment considering we see each other at least twice everyday. He send me down to work, meets me for lunch, then pick me up from work. I wonder how he managed to get any work done..heh..

I was spoiled rotten...

Before the day itself, I asked him what were we doing after dinner? Are we going to club with other friends? He laughed out loud and said: do you think I'm going to invite everyone to have steamboat together on our first Valentine's? Then he said to not ask him. It will be a surprise. Knowing me, I can't resist asking larrr..come on. I even asked: what if I don't like the surprise? tell me..tell me..

He got upset at me and told me not to give him any pressure. Hehe..sorry..

At least you know now that I was happy. He totally surprised me though. Cos throughout dinner and the day before, he kept reminding me that he had to meet the client at Hilton. Talking about what a pain, having to work on the night itself etc that's why I was still surprised on reaching the room..

At the restaurant earlier, I didn't like all the cheesy stuff. The love songs being played, the pink and white and red loves, hearts, ribbons, stars were too much. But with him later in the room, everything felt perfect..

Thinking back now, I was so stupid. In the car while waiting for him, I texted winnie. I told her we finished dinner and that I'm waiting outside Hilton while he went to work. Winnie replied me: Yea right. He probably went to buy you some chocolates or something. Did you get flowers already??

She knows cs better than that. Afterwards, when I told cs about the text message, he laughed and said: see..even ur sister knows I won't leave u alone like that.

Ah boon's CD and speaker which he borrowed for the night.

These balloons are in my bedroom now. I wonder if my parents saw them yet...hmm...when they asked me what did you do last night with cs?

I said: he made a reservation at Merdeka. We had an International buffet...and I tried to elaborate on the food as long as I could but luckily thet didn't ask what did we do after dinner...heh..

Before leaving the house last night, I tried on different dresses and asked mum which should I wear. She gave me her opinions and helped with my make up.

Then dad asked: who are u going out with tonight?

Me: cs.

He asked: only cs? No one else?

Me: err..ya.

Mum interrupted: Its Valentines Day today. Of course cs only. If not go out with a group of friends?

Dad: ohh...

My point is: cs, they know we are together now..
Cos recently, dad has been trying to match me up with a friend's son again! To meet up for drinks. Arrghh...I have stopped answering calls from unknown numbers, so don't worry baby. =)

My parents went to KFC for their dinner last night while all three children went out. Kevin and sis in law went to some seafood restaurant. He actually told me he was taking her to have steak but I guess it was fully booked. Haven't had a chance to talk to him yet. Kevin is in a cranky mood. He is now at the movies with sis in law. Their routine every Sunday night. Quite nice actually; they are always up to date with new movies.

Winnie went to the Junk with Steph, Sarah, and Mic last night. She ordered a RM40 rack of lamb. According to her, the salad is bigger than the lamb. And there were more bones than meat. She was so pissed off and die die also have to finish her plate cos, I quote winnie: I paid RM40 for a rack of lamb so I will finish the rack of lamb and the salad! Even if the lamb consists of bones and sauce. Haha...even if I don't really like salad.

According to Winnie, she had the worst Valentines ever, while I had the best.

Change of topic. WInie suddenly told me. Hey. Kenny Rogers is a singer right. He opened Kenny Rogers (Roasters. The chicken) too? I gave her a look. No, he didn't open it. sigh. sometimes I wonder if winnie IS THAT naive????!!! She is reading the paper on Kenny Rogers now as if she thinks its perfectly natural to think like that. I don't want to imagine her reaction when she reads this. Btw, she is serenading me now with some disney songs..

Back to topic.

I had a wonderful time last night. A beautiful memory. Thank you.


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see-creww man!!

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I miss the moment with u baby. =)