Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fasten your seat belts

I haven't been on a plane in ages. Compared with cs' parents, I'm totally outdated. His dad checks AirAsia faithfully everyday (its his homepage) for cheap fares and they travel so many times a year. I want to go somewhere.

Baby let's plan! Haha..I seem to be saying that quite often recently. obviously I'm bored with my routine life already. I want a change. I want something new. I want to do something else. Everyday after work, when cs picks me up, I am especially hyper. Totally different from lunch time. And I know why. It is the pent up energy. It is being kept inside a room for 8-9 hours sitting in front of a computer that is driving me crazy.

Complained enough. Change of topic with a photo:

KL Bird's eye view.

I want to hear: ladies and gentleman, please fasten your seat belts. I want to get screwed by the flight attendants for texting on the plane during takeoff again. I want to rush to queue up at the Air Asia counters and squeeze in with the crowd. I'm so kiasu that I am always somewhere in the front of the queue. No joke.

Singapore. bird's eye view. With Shirley. I miss her like crazy! Come back bitch. I know you're reading this. I don't care who you bring back. Just come back this year!! Sigh. Sien. Cos I know you won't. Miss you anyway..

My hair and face looks oily. My breath probably stinks. My eyebags are so deep. My lips and skin so dry. Yes. I was on my first ever trip to London with Shirley. I look so young. Damn. I actually like being on a plane. Even though I might be alone, even though the seats are too small and my feet gets cramped, but it feels good. I always look forward to being on the plane.

Normally I try to keep myself awake before takeoff. But I once fell asleep before takeoff on a London-KL flight. Once I settled in, buckled up, hugged the pillow and covered myself head to toe in jackets and blankets, I fell asleep before the plane even started moving. When I next opened my eyes, the plane had landed (God knows where) but when I looked at my watch, only 1 hour had passed.

I panicked and woke the nice gentleman up beside me and asked: where the hell are we??? He laughed at me and said don't worry. We are in Amsterdam. We stopped for a fuel change and we are still going to Kuala Lumpur. I am amazed you slept through all that. Jeez. Never again. Always listen to what the pilot has to say before falling asleep. Apparently I got too comfortable...

Being on a plane so rocks, no? The plane food. What is so bad about it? I like the hot rolls, I like the curry, I like the vegetarian lasagna, I like the fish, potatoes etc. I like everything. I like the free flow drinks and the friendly (sometimes) flight attendants. have met a few very friendly guys who work with MAS. Accompany me to chat in the middle of the night when the lights are off and I am wandering the aisle by myself stretching my legs. Very nice..

I like catching up on the Movies on Demand. I normally hardly have time to watch any new movies and so, its quite nice watching the movies while eating. The 13 hour flight goes by very fast ler..heh...Maybe I'm weird.

I sometimes sleep for 5 hours straight, skipping meals. Actually I didn't even hear or feel the air stewardess waking me up. When I finally woke up, she asked: did you have a nice sleep? Would you like something to eat? I said: ohh...meal is served already? She smiled and asked if I would like a sandwich or ice cream?

One thing I hate is queuing up for the toilets. People always take a very long time in the toilets in the middle of the night..I understand why larr..Me as well. I walk in armed with my tooth brush, paste and facial wash. And we all know the tap is not easy to control...So of course everyone takes longer than usual..I'm so paise when I walk out and there's a long queue outside. But I take small comfort in thinking that everyone is stretching their legs (cos standing) while waiting for me wtf. heh..

The transit also always pass by very fast too right. Arrive at airport. If have time to spare, go to toilet and brush teeth, wash face. Then go shop around, reading books and magazines and buy cigarettes and alcohol (if applicable) then go check in. Listening to iPod the whole time. The whole journey! Don't eat or drink anything at airport cos everything is waaayy overpriced.

But normally I do anyway cos too much time to waste. So i buy an overpriced drink and utilize their chair and table to take a nap. Then go check in and get on a plane. Nice no?

I need a vacation. I want a vacation. Fingers crossed.


Cs said...

this post reminded me of your MAS review which i found by using google. hehe. si beh gao complain haha =)

Amy said...

wtf?! ei..they leave the comment page for complaints what. haha..they should be grateful that i provide feedback.