Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I want to go kayaking again.

Found this photo of myself by the beach at Sematan. We just went to Sematan for a day trip that day, and none of us brought extra clothes. When we realized how beautiful the beach was, and saw the kayaks there available for rent, we organized another trip within the next few days.

And that is how the photo below came about:

There's a public holiday coming up soon. Let's plan!

I also want to go to Damai again. This was taken back in 2006. Such a coincidence that Xiao Rong was in Kuching three years ago. Three years later she came to visit again, and we managed to go to Damai to stay overnight this night but we hardly took any photos. Idiot. We were at the exact same location.

We both look different now. But I'm still wearing that same top! Haha...has it been three years??

A bunch of us brought red wine and chips/keropok to those same chairs by the beach around midnight and talked and laughed for many hours. The salty sea breeze, no one around us, the whole beach to ourselves, perfect weather, full moon no less that night, and wonderful company. We had fun that night. All of us left out phones and cameras back in the chalet. None of us wanted to go back to get it. A bit regret now right?? =)

Mum and dad. The photo below is Damai again, by the pool on another different occasion. Night time visit armed with Beer and chips.

I should miss those days. But I don't. Cos the present is so much better. Thank you. :)

Another day.

I actually wanted to post a few photos from Kayaking. But. I'm on a roll here. Might as well continue. The photo below was taken many many years ago in KL. Forgot which hotel we were stying at. Federal, I think. Winnie and I. Lucky her face is hidden or she would be screwing me for posting ugly photos of her again. I look like shit!

For the past few trips to KL, I've always been unlucky. Meaning period on those days so I can't swim in the hotel pool. We used to stay at Melia hotel for quite some time but the pool is so small and shallow; it sucks. Not complaining though. A pool is a pool. Next.

This is from the most recent Damai trip at the hilltop pool. Nice view..

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