Sunday, 15 February 2009


So sorry for lack of updates. Here's what I've been up to recently..

Said goodbye to xiao rong who is back in Taiwan now. I probably won't be seeing her anytime soon. Not this year cos I'm not going back to Taiwan. Next year maybe? I hope. I wish! This year, Winnie and mum are going back sometime in July. Lucky Winnie. I haven't been to Taiwan since 6 years ago? I miss the food. I miss all the food!!! I miss shopping!! Oh yea I also miss my grandpa. And aunty..uncle..cousins. hahahhaa...

This was taken last week; a funny night out with some old friends. I wonder is it obvious that we look and act like a couple? Only yesterday, one of dad's friends asked dad: is Amy single? And daddy said: I don't know if the guy she is with all the time; is he her bf or not?! Funny. After Valentine's Day, he should have no doubts now. rite cs? :P Speaking of this, I had the best Valentines. But that is another post altogether.

Moving on. We had steamboat at home for Chap Goh Meh. The 15th day of Chinese New Year.

Full moon on the 15th.

Manual self timer..

I normally don't eat steamboat outside cos...I just don't like it. But at home, its ok. The best thing about steamboat/hotpot at home is the sauce! Its some kind of Taiwanese barbecue sauce and egg yolk. Just scoop up some of the sauce, and add in one egg yolk. Separate the egg white. This is what it looks like:

Looks gross but tastes good! It goes really well with hotpot cos most of the food is quite tasteless. And the sauce is a bit spicy and tangy. No idea how to describe it. This is how it looks like after you mix it together..

I know what it looks like lar..but it does tastes good..

After dinner ritual on chap goh meh is opening all the hampers. This year we (i mean dad) received five hampers.

Doesn't matter that I probably won't be eating most of the food. Opening them makes us happy. Most people give hampers as gifts during chinese new year cos it looks better I guess. Let's say you get to choose between receiving a box of oranges or a pretty hamper? Most would choose the pretty hamper.

One ladies night at Senso. It was Hilton's 21st anniversary in Kuching. Dress code: PINK. But I know I'm more to purple..

Oh yea. A note for Shirley! Hey bitch remember my Punky Fish sweater I bought in London for 35 pounds but I hardly wore it when I was in London? You used to scold me for not using it. Haha. Look!! I wear it at work now everyday!!

At least its not a total waste! =)

Taking a break from work to camwhore in the toilet.

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