Tuesday, 15 April 2014

18 weeks (4 months plus) update - Am i fat?

I think my baby is going through a growth spurt right now.

As of this week, I have noticed a sudden increase in appetite. I'm constantly thinking of food. I wake up starving. Not hungry ok. Starving! I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of food.

My abdomen has been hurting on and off this week. At times it hurts so much when I lay down or when I try to sit up. Sometimes my sides hurt when I turn over or when I lie on one side for too long. I wake up in the middle of the night because of back ache.

I'm not complaining. I just think she's going through a growth spurt. These pains are supposedly normal. Just ligaments pains - womb or uterus stretching.

Most importantly, my bump is growing. Seemed like it doubled in size from last week.

I don't think that I over-ate though. I eat when I'm hungry or when my stomach tells me to.

I eat chocolates if I want to but not the whole bar. I buy mini kitkats. I split them in half with Cs. I don't give in to roller coaster (the keropok) or pringles. I stare at it and don't open them. Hmph. Its like a battle of my wills. See how long before I give in. I can't stop myself buying snacks cos Cs is very encouraging. Buy more food. In case you get hungry, how? Buy. Eat!

I eat my supper in bed every night cos cannot go to bed hungry. Within half an hour, I have to sleep. This is enough time at least for me to brush my teeth again, go toilet and come back to bed. And still I wake up starving.

Aside from that and the occasional headaches, I feel normal.

When I read those pregnancy articles that say you might feel as if you're not pregnant. After the nausea goes away, we might feel so normal we don't know if we are really having a baby or not.

I finally understand what they mean. Sometimes I turn to Cs and asked: I'm really pregnant la ho? I'm not just fat, am I? There is a baby inside me. Felt like I could have hallucinated my pregnancy.


OK that was written pre-KL trip.

This is post KL trip.

Appetite still damn good - eating up a storm. Got some heartburn pains but nothing so serious yet. Took a Gaviscon cos doc says its allowed.

Stomach doubled in size - check. That day, I caught Cs staring at my bump (made me damn self conscious). I asked: WHAT?!

Him: (smiling) nothing, it really suddenly doubled in size. It doesn't look like that last week.

I sit on the bed looking down at my belly (forlornly) wondering is it the Tony Roma's hot wings inside or a baby? As I'm looking depressed, Cs came over, put his arms around me and said: hey, that's our baby inside. Ours. (Dude can read my mind lol).

After a few days (ok fine, months weeks) of me asking him: am I fat? Am I fat? Do I look fat in this? Is my ass bigger? Do I look fat?

He said: I'm going to print out on A4 paper and stick onto your mirror: its a baby inside!! Hahhaha poor guy.

Ehh can't blame me ok. This is normal. So is gaining weight mi. Fine.

Anyway. What else?

Don't want to repeat what I wrote on Dayre here. Umm..so I'm back at work today. Holiday was great but tiring at times. My own fault - who ask me to wake up early go swimming in ice cold water, and then spend the whole day outside?

I'll update about KL in another post with pictures. :)

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