Tuesday, 15 April 2014

KL trip

Cs and I decided to go on a short KL trip before baby comes out as we foresee that we won't be going anywhere for a while. I wanted to go to KL for relaxation reasons, shop for more baby stuff, and go to IKEA for house stuff. I'm so aunty now eh. 

OK la. Can't expect me to keep drinking and partying non stop eh. I'll still drink after giving birth and breast feeding but not so soon. And hopefully not as much as I did before. Only mum drinking the beer at home and its going down so slow. Winnie is hardly drinking these days too but her, for different reasons. 

We stayed at Hotel Royal for one night cos we wanted to stay in Bukit Bintang area. Go to H&M, Pavillion and Sungai Wang.

The room exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect to find a nice, new, modern renovated room cos its a rather old hotel. But the bed! Soo comfy. Love the pillows and mattress. I didn't wake up even once at night. Unlike Cititel's (where we stayed 2 nights) - I woke up a few times at night. Bed creaking and pillows not as comfy. This is not me being precious. Cs agreed too.

Some of the baby clothes we got in varying shades of pink. As we headed to checkout, I said we are so kiasi people don't know we are having a girl. Got practical clothes instead of the poufy dresses I wanted. But also cos mostly newborn clothes not as cute. Just simple ones. 

We are so noob though. Why is this newborn onesie smaller than this newborn? How many should we get? Should we get 3 to 6 months as well? What if she's big and tall and can wear them for like 2 weeks only? What if choi choi choi she's a premie?

Cs dragged me to Jalan Alor for supper that night. So many angmoh's there. Really a tourist spot - food was pricey but not bad la. I like the char kueh tiaw. Nice.

The indoor pool at Hotel Royal. It used to be Coronade hotel btw. I remember staying here with my family once many many years ago. We had pictures taken at this pool that's why I remember.

That morning, it was empty. Yay for us. But as we jumped in, I realized why it was empty. SO BLOODY COLD!!! Because it was indoor so no sun shining overhead. And cos it rained the day before.

I love these mushrooms from Italiannes at the Gardens. Reminds me of the ones mum make. Gotta hint her to make some soon. :) And I really gotta learn to make this.

Pizza was ok. Meh. Don't remember it being mehh last time around. I meant the toppings a bit mehh ok. Crust was good. I should have ordered another flavor.

Lasagna was awesome though. Urgh..salivating now. Hungry! We both finished the lasagna and had a slice of pizza each. Tapau-ed the rest of the pizza back to our room. 

In case he emo why there is no photo of him on my blog. 

Happiness is an ice cream cone.

Happiness is also Tony Roma's hot wings.

Oh yea I was trying to look for maternity clothes that don't look like maternity clothes (makes sense?) Bought a maternity jeans that are pull up type. They look normal just that the waist area is expandable. 

I hate maternity clothes shop btw. Even Cs says: why do maternity dresses have to look like maternity dresses? They are so auntie looking. Long over the knees, ugly colors and no style. I bought one dress (by force from Cs) and kinda regret it already. 

Bought a few tunic dresses from Uniqlo. Hope they fit when I'm 9 months pregnant eh. Else I'll be eating my words and wearing those auntie dresses.

Cheese cake that I was craving a few weeks back. I'm damn stubborn - refused to go to Secret Recipe because its not the same! Now damn regret I didn't buy more.

Not my fault Cs has his eyes closed here heheh. The only flattering photo of me so far. New top from Uniqlo too. Think I'll have to live in tops like these for awhile. :)

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