Thursday, 31 March 2011

Emo songs and emo mi

I am feeling emo right now (time of the month when I wish I was a guy Grr!) So. It is a good night for Grey's Anatomy reruns and random songs that I recently came across.

Halfway through Season 4 just now, I realized that the song sounded familiar. I knew I heard it somewhere before. In Bride Wars! I had no idea who sang it, or what the title is, but behold the power of google and youtube! Haha.

Dream by Priscilla Anh. ♥ her voice soo much! I want to sing like her! Awesome!

But in my emo mode now, I still prefer Ivy - Edge of the Ocean. Please do watch this here. Part of an episode from Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy.

Wait for it to load while you read on.

Derek went to look for Meredith at her house. There is a party going on at her house so she is dancing outside, with a bottle of tequila. The party was organized by Izzie, who wanted to introduce her bf to her friends (who work at the hospital), but she herself didn't make it home that night.

I think I watch too much Grey's Anatomy - I can remember exactly what is going to happen next, and almost the exact word that they say to each other. Aside from medical terms lah come on.

Ahh I don't really know why do I like Grey's Anatomy so much? People tend to think that they series is about doctors, a lot of medical terms etc, but its not that hard to understand with subtitles. Plus there is a lot of drama. I like Season 1, 2, 3 and 5. Not 4. 4 is emo and depressing and people in there are stupid. Like Derek - why did he go fuck Rose? Haha.

Back to emo songs:

Kate Havnevik - Grace

Is it me or does the song sounds damn erotic somehow? Hmm..maybe I associate it with Derek and Meredith having sex at the end of Season 2.

Haha ehh ehh disclaimer a bit. Grey's Anatomy is not full of sex lah. I just make it sound that way cos its more interesting to focus on those scenes right? Admit it people! :))

Writing about this is making me less emo after all..

Vain photo of self, just because. OK I have to start to sort my KL photos soon. Tomorrow lahh when my abdomen hurts less...:(

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