Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work

Why are the good love songs all sad? Chicago -If you leave me now. Toni Braxton - How could an angel break my heart. Unbreak my heart. A lot of heart break going on there. Breathe again by Toni Braxton - even worse. Almost suicidal going on there. George Michael - Careless whisper. Ooohh love that. I used to tell Shirley that I want to dance to that song on my wedding night.

But heh. Imagine trying to dance with cs on the night of. Scary. Eyes on me (sounds like a scary movie). Not fun. I would have to drink a lot of champagne before I can get on the dance floor. So, for that reason - no dance floor. We will leave that for the after-party!

Most Chinese weddings in Kuching do not have an after party. I mean, so far I have yet to attend one. Most of my friends, the ones who get married, they retire home immediately after the wedding reception. Hmm..I don't know about others, but it feels almost wrong to not celebrate that day!

So, for that reason - after party is ON! :) Decision made.

Air Supply- All out of love. Back to sad love songs. Bee Gees - Immortality, too much heaven. I am randomly typing whatever pops into my mind now. Mariah Carey - Without you, I still believe. Whitney Houston- I will always love you.

But why are those songs soo good? Is it easier for people to relate to? Hmph.

I am trying to look for good, famous, classic love songs that are not sad.

No, I don't care if the DJ plays sad love songs during the night, but I am just wondering now..hmm..curious.


Gorgeous setting. Love the canopy, love the fairy lights, love the candles, love the colors, love everything.

I want a setting like this. Haha. But, I imagine most older people would be perspiring and pestering the waiters to turn on the light and take away the candles/flowers. Waste of time to try and recreate this only. :)

Gorgeous x2

Referring to both her body and the dress. I wantttt...

Done and done! :) This is a sample stolen off google. My ring does not look anything like this. :DD Happy~

And this is a friendly reminder for my husband-to-be, cs:


Canopy bed- get mine ready! Tick tock tick tock..time is running out. hehehhehe

A long time ago, he promised me that he would build/buy me a canopy bed similar to the one above. It would be properly installed by the day of our wedding. And not a day after! As the day is fast approaching, I thought that he needed a friendly reminder. Heh heh. :)))

Or something like this would be fine too. Gorgeous. *longing sigh..

Or else, I won't marry him. haha I don't know what can I do on the day itself lah. Maybe stand outside the house (in the sun or rain) while he and his heng dai's go to work. Haha. Or ask the designated driver to send me home (and get scolded by my parents for being ridiculous). And get scolded by everyone else for wasting time.

EHh but we are forgetting the main point. Cs broke his promise to me! He promised years ago that he would do this! :DDD How can I trust him with other things when he can't even fulfill me this??! Right? So yea. Hehehhee. :D No pressure now.


I figured its about time I psyched myself up for our wedding. In truth, for the past few months, I felt..very down. It was just too stressful handling everything between the two of us. We quarreled with each other, with the parents and just snapped at each other all the time. (More like I snap at him only). And in the end, I just felt so down.

A wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion. I just want to spend the rest of my life with him. That is what I have to focus on. I want to look forward to the day, and not think of eloping every other day. I have to focus on the bright side of things.

I am already incredibly lucky because I have him - someone to cheer me up when I sulk about the planning, someone to hold my hand and kiss me even when he is equally upset about things, someone who still wants me even when I sulk, pout, lose my temper, and cry. T__T

What did I do to deserve him? Heh heh. Anyway, moving away from the mushy details.

We are going to KL this weekend - sooo looking forward. I am a whole new person. I am going to spend and spend like there is no tomorrow. Haha yea right. Spend on the things I have to buy more like. Whatever. Its an excuse to get out of Kuching.

And I have to stop dreaming about this. Its time to get my head out of the clouds and start working.

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