Thursday, 10 March 2011

This and that III

So here are some random photos for the sake of keeping my blog alive. I do want to update something but don't know what to talk about so I went to dig up some old never posted before photos.

Haii so many photos I have not yet posted up. Winnie is so gonna screw me about not posting her birthday photos from last year again. Let's hope she is not reading this hehe.

Random cute photo of Cherrie.

When I aimed the camera at her, her head was not like that. Her head was somehow hidden and from my side, all I could see was a round fluff ball. Ahh too bad I didn't get that photo of her. Next time.

Last Saturday night, some of our came over to swim and we made sushi for dinner. I wanted to buy some salmon and unagi but the Akira owner would not sell it to me. Hmph. I have heard from friends before that they bought it from the Akira sushi owner, so I thought he sold it to the general public too..oh well.

We improvised! Made do with what we have. Added cheese on top ala sushi king. And add liberal amounts of that salmon roe/eggs/caviar thingy- I never know the correct name and lazy to google it.

It was Eli's birthday on the 8th of March. After 8 years (time flies mannn!!) of working for us, (I am quite ashamed of admitting this), we finally knew her birthday and thus bought her a cake:

Happy Birthday Eli! She is the best!

I can still remember the first day (serious) when she came to work for us. Mum does not speak Malay, so I was the translator. I was the one who told Eli her chores etc.

Now, Eli can speak in broken Hokkien, English, Mandarin, Cantonese etc. Whatever mum speaks, in the same broken dialect..

Its funny cos they (mum and Eli) understand each other perfectly now, whereas dad, Winnie and I look at each other bewildered sometimes listening to their conversations.

Sometimes I still am surprised when I hear Eli speaking Cantonese and Mandarin to Cherrie. Exactly like mum! Hehe.

Moving on. It was Janet's birthday too. Different weekend. We went to VA and here is mum giving Janet a birthday kiss:

They look so cute together..

Vain photo of self eventhough its not that nice. My shirt was so transparent that day. Actually only the back part is transparent. Front is ok.

This photo below is taken after the free drinks. So here I am kissing the hand of her highness, princess Winnie. This happens quite often. Her highness' feet hurt, so someone has to hold her hand and lead her so she doesn't wobble her way to the lift.

This photo below was from the Meet your Valentines party at Senso. I think. Drinks are so freaking pricey there -I am never going back. Sorry but that is the only thing that comes to mind now. That plus the band. Phillipino band, says Mary. With the interesting dance moves.

If I remember correctly, we paid RM 30 for entrance fee and get a free drink. Either beer or cocktail. It was quite a while ago and I have the worst memory post alcohol. So I don't remember. -___-

I only remember that the place looked quite posh, and I don't like the table settings. Not enough tables and chairs around the bar. Either you can see the band, or you don't. They have a separate off to one side. Consisting of some very comfy sofa/couches but I'm not really into that.

Much prefer to stand when I have a glass in my hand. Don't know why. Must be the Heaven upbringing. Hehehe..I wonder, does Shirley remember those days?

Winnie looks good in this photo below. Don't think she has seen this before yet. Heh sorry sorry.

Oh and me. I look like that probably cos of the brake lights of the car in front? No idea. Think we were on the way to Adeline's wedding. Gasp. That was in January.


On to news of the present. Erm I bought a wedding gown online? Gasp! *starts hyperventilating! I cannot calm down. I cannot stop agonizing over this! Am I doing the right thing? Will I regret? Shit shit shit! Not cheap ok. I kept delaying and delaying and then before you know it, there is less than 6 months left! Grrr...time fucking flies. Argh!

The least I can do is to find something to wear on the day itself. So many more things to tick off that checklist and sometimes I wish time pass by faster so I don't have to worry and think about this anymore.

So I can go back to day dreaming about our honeymoon trip. Just the two of us. No huss, no fuss.

Everything comes in twos. There is always the good and the bad news.

Anyway. I have a reputation for not knowing how to shop (I am a guy at heart) and making all the wrong decisions (shopping wise). Grr. Please please not let me make the wrong decision. Please let the dress fit. As I typed in my body measurements, I felt beads of sweat popping out on my forehead. What if I made the wrong decision? What if it doesn't fit me? I am always nit picking and dammit I don't want to regret this.

Abrupt change of topic cos I don't want to have dreams about this again.

I want to go Damai again. Damai = calm, relaxing, holiday yet affordable. :)

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