Sunday, 3 April 2011

Man vs Woman

I just finished watching the Notebook with cs. Finally managed to persuade him to watch the movie with me. I know its a chick flick but it is also fucking touching ok.

I remember I cried like shit the first time I watched it, and I want to know if I will still cry like shit watching it the second time. With cs no less.

Sigh. Of cos I did. Cried even more only. So embarrassing. Ahh. It was quite interesting to get a guy's point of view when watching the Notebook.

For those who have never heard of this movie or book before, please read here and here.

According to cs, he hated Allie at the part where she went back to Noah, made love to him, still happy and everything, and totally forgot about her fiance back home.

Of course I can understand why he would think that way, but at least it was a happy ending for Allie and Noah. Too bad for Long (how to spell) though. And Martha as well. Poor girl.

I still bawled my eyes out at the end when they both passed away. And cs, while attempting to explain why he hates Allie, he just had to tell me to please try and imagine if it was him.

Told me to imagine and pretend that he (cs) is in Allie's shoes. That while I trust him with everything, he ran away to make love to another girl, and forgot all about me etc. $#%^& Cs is trying my patience, testing my love for him eh.

Only made me bawl all the more wtf if I have swollen eyes tomorrow its all his fault! Hahaha why I cry so much?! God I'm such a softie. Since when did I turn into this...this..this..cry baby!

Couldn't find a photo of me crying - thank God haha so this will have to do. :D Damn vain, I know..


Ok lah time to change topic. I shy. Damn embarrassing and I am broadcasting it haih. I have changed.

I know what will sober me up now. Thinking of work tomorrow. It is another Monday. Monday blues. Bah. I won't think about it till tomorrow morning when my alarm clock rings.

I still have a few more hours of freedom. No thinking of work - dead depressing. Sure to bring my mood down no matter what! :D Haha kidding.

I love my job *big fake smile. I love staring at the computer and printouts 8 hours a day. *big fake plastic smile. I love TJ! *wipes tears from eye.

Tears of depression. Hahaa. I will regret writing this tomorrow. But for now, who cares! It is still Sunday and I should really set my blog to private so nobody can read this. :)

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