Tuesday, 28 April 2009


One more working day.

Yesss!!! Nothing beats a public holiday! Nothing! Except hmm..pizza at night? *hint hint* It is Labor Day on Friday. Perfect!

Oh well. More badminton photos coming up. I have finally(!!) managed to take a photo of myself. And that is not even when I'm playing. I always forget to take a photo of myself inside the court...grrr..memory loss.

Sunday's are my badminton days at Arena Sukan, opposite King Center. They charge RM15 per hour. We normally play from 2-4pm. Cs's badminton days are typically Tues and Thurs with another bunch of friends. The much-better-than-me group play at Stapok from 8 - 10pm. And sometimes later till 11pm. Its cheaper there but I don't know how much. The bf pays. Thanks btw. :)

Its no wonder cs is so thin laa..he exercises tooo much. :p

This was taken at the Stapok badminton court. Part of one of the halls. The place is huge...

On an unrelated note, I finished the Notebook. The movie follows the book outline pretty much, but some of it is different. Such as the ending. I didn't like how the story ended in the book. Does it means Noah died in the end? All it said was that he went to Allie's room and she remembered him after he kissed her. But, if I remember correctly, they both died together in the movie. In the book though, Allie (80+ grandma by then) was trying to undo Noah's pajama buttons trying to take it off. To have sex?

Is this right? The book ended like that!! Why? Has anyone else read this book? Comments please..

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