Wednesday, 15 April 2009


This is his car. It was originally a Proton Wira. I'm lousy at identifying cars or identifying any modification he made to his car at all... After countless conversations of explaining to me, he gave up trying to make me understand about his car parts etc. What special thing he did to his car, what did he change this time, what went wrong etc..

Anyway this post is not about admiring his car, his modifications etc. No. I am writing this to complain!! Not to his face at least...

Disclaimer: Its not that I don't appreciate how err..beautiful or special your car is. Cos it is. A head turner in small little Kuching definitely. Heads turn when he parks his car, jaws drop and also people nudge each other to stare discreetly at his car. I also appreciate you being my personal chauffeur, driving me anywhere and anytime I want to go somewhere...


In a week, you've been stopped by the police how many times? Please note the plural. I'm used to getting stopped by the police while riding in his car. Going out with him, I know to NEVER forget to bring your IC! Be it night or day. Especially night. His car is like a magnet for the police. A special target. I swear police wait by the roadside for cars like his to appear.

But recently there's just been one too many roadblocks by police and JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia) Literally translated to Ministry of the Road of Malaysia. Take this week for example. Its only Wednesday today! God! He's been to the JPJ twice already!! In three days baby!! I'm worried ok! I'm also worried for you..

The first JPJ trip was cos of his windows. Not legal.

The second JPJ trip was cos of his engine. Legal but he forgot to bring the green card. No idea what it is but I pretended to understand when he explained it to me..

I think its a waste of time and money but its his passion. His car. His wife. Before me.

Not hard to spot his car, even from the 9th floor of my office..

Last night on the way back home from badminton, there was a loooong queue in front of the traffic lights. Lamenting about traffic jams at 930pm, we both didn't notice the road blocks on both side of the roads. As soon as he realized its JPJ police, he went: SHIT!! FUCK!! And hurriedly pulled on his seat belt and took out his wallet. It was too late to turn down another road. Hurriedly wound the windows and took out IC's. But as usual, the police never let him go...

We were asked to pull over by the roadside. Asked for his driver's license. Lucky the few police were nice last night. Not the type to give much trouble. They asked him to open the hood of his engine. What do you call that again? You know..the hood of his car. the front..not the back. I suck at explaining car related stuff... Anyway, checked the inside many times and checked his car lights as well and checked the inside of the car..

They asked did he change his engine? He did. But no green card to prove it. So, conclusion was he had to take his car to JPJ to test his engine today. According to him, the police were very nice to him. Polite and efficient. Hmm...regular customer baby???

You know that I don't really mean that I want you to change your car or anything right? This is more like a joke. Its nothing funny to laugh at..but...u know what I mean..


One more working day and I go on leave!


cs said...

yea i'm regular customer.. I'll try to make my car legal k?? ermm try my best. haha so that u do not have to worry about me..

Amy said...

hahaha..i'm sure you'll "try"..:p