Tuesday, 21 April 2009

No need to work..

Disclaimer: A lot of photos ahead. As I am too lazy and can't be bothered to properly talk about the trip, I shall do this in point form based on the photos I have taken...

1) This photo was taken in the lift. We stayed at Melia hotel btw, which is at Bukit Bintang directly opposite Times Square. I like the lifts. It is curved, partly rounded and transparent, so we could see the night view. Behind us. Nice.. This was the first night out. Searching for dinner..

2) This was my dinner. One of the Pizza cone. Supposedly Korean style. Says the sign anyway. This was at the foodcourt at Pavillion. I've never been there before. I have heard the stuff are ridiculously overprices featuring brands such as Gucci, LV etc. Its not hard to see why.. Anyway, the only thing we could afford was at the food court.

3) Cs had something from the shihlinsnacks store. Oyster mee sua. Yumm.. It was one of the best I ever had. For those who don't know, shih lin is the name of one of the more popular Taiwan nightmarket. It is filled with food and is definitely a "must go" whenever you go to Taiwan. Oyster mee sua is a popular Taiwanese noodles with oyster. Very very yum. It is sold practically everywhere in Taiwan and very common. In Malaysia, there are more and more stores trying to imitate the taste. This shihlinsnacks is probably one of the best I have tasted so far..

I like it so much that I came back to Kuching and googled shihlinsnacks.com.tw. It is a franchise!! Someone open a store in Kuching please. Preferably Boulevard!! Salivating at the thought..

4) Me and the not nice at all Pizza. Nothing special except its looks. Apparently looks are deceiving. You don't taste good at all. You disappointed me! wtf. Both of us didn't finish the so called Pizza cone thingy.

5) This photo of the monorail was taken from our hotel room window.

6) Like I said, Times Square is directly opposite out hotel. Convenient but I don't really like Times Square. Oh yea, being the silly tourists, cs and I walked all the way to Pavillion (10 mins walk) to eat the mee sua two nights in a row. On the last day we wanted to have it again but was too tired and hot to walk all the way there. Sigh. Only back in Kuching when I checked the website, did I know that Times Square had a shihlinsnacks store too!! Boooo...

7) Me scaring the shit out of cs by how I look like in the morning...

8) Me an hour later after shower, light makeup, clean hair, and no specs.

We went to PWTC for the book fair. That was the reason we were in KL in the first place. It was bloody hot and stuffy inside the building and damn a lot of tudungs (head scarf). I mean Malays. Don't get me wrong. I'm not discriminating. Just stating facts. It was on a Saturday noon but the place was filled with school kids and their parents. Sooo noisy and stuffed full of people pushing..

My excuse to go to the book fair was to hunt down novels at discount prices. Cs, to meet the publishers, suppliers, sales men etc. To my disappointment, the whole place was filled with school books and reference books. Books for pre school, primary school, secondary school, college and university books on business, IT, medicine, dentistry, law, english, drawing, cooking, art, inspiration, motivation and all sorts of crap. Novels?? Less than five stalls ok. Apparently, most novels are not published in Malaysia. Just distributed. Sigh..

I managed to buy two books: Twillight by Stephanie Meyer and the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. 30.0% discount. Only RM25 for one book. Cheap!! Was searching high and low for the Inkheart trilogy but couldn't find it anywhere. Grrr..

9) On Saturday morning, we lay in bed till around 10am. Finally!! No need to set alarm clock to work. Poor baby works everyday from Mon-Sun. So, this is mostly for his benefit. Only during holidays, he can sleep late. Even during public holidays he has to work half day. Its no surprise he has trouble sleeping in during mornings. Even on holidays..

10) After the lousy book fair, we went to the legendary Petronas Twin Towers. I'm saying this as more of a sarcasm rather than really admiring it. I do admit that it looks beautiful, particularly at night. But I get sick and tired of people asking me when I'm in London. Here, let me show an example of a typical conversation of me and a stranger in London:

The typical question
Him: Hi. Where are u from?
Me: Malaysia. Saraw... (before I finish the sentence)
Him: (excitedly) ohh..I know I know. Petronas Twin Towers. (this is the more knowledgable ones).

The more ignorant ones: the tallest building in the world right??
Me: err..not anymore..

The rude/retarded ones: ya. the towers. You have been there before of course?
Me: No. Never. Its nothing specia....(before I finish)
Him: what???? You never been there??? You stay in Malaysia but you've never seen it??? Why??

Fuck you.

Said Twin Towers at night.. Sigh.

11) Saturday night. We went to PWTC for the book fair, then went to KLCC (twin towers or corn as he likes to call it. you know, jagung) then times square. then back to hotel. rest for a while and then walked to Pavilion for the mee sua. Then came back to the hotel where he slept, while I read..

12) At 1130pm, we went to meet some friends at Quattro club, which is opposite KLCC..The club was nice. Modern and good music. No dance floor which sucks. The crowd were mostly people around my age. Ladies all dressed up, and men not really..which is typical. But men pay which is also typical. Heh. Women stand and look pretty. And dance. And in most cases I noticed at Quattro that night, the women seem to like to rub up against many men.

Let me explain. When we got into the club, it was around 12am and already filled with people.. We were at a table which was already crowded with people. Cs and I were standing awkwardly to the side while our host went to search for another table. Standing there, I noticed the tables beside us. One girl in a purple dress was dancing with one guy the first time I looked. The sexy dance, rubbing her body against his, arms around his neck, waist, touching. Second time I looked it was another guy. Third time, another guy. Hell she was like that with all five guys the 10 minutes I was watching. And they all seem to know each other. Its not just her. The other girls at her table too..

Its not that I am not open minded. I do dance with guys. But this isn't dancing. This is being cheap and too easy. Its not just her. Even when I observe the scene that night, I didn't like it. Lucky I had cs by my side or else..hmm.. He was pretty upset when I was dancing and when some guys came up to dance with me. No touching at all cos cs was there. They didn't dare come too close..

13) End of the night..

14) Something to spice up the night..

Baby is so kiasu.... Hahahhahaaa..


Cs said...

Hahahaha baby the last photo!! hahaha cool.. i miss oyster mee sua. yea too bad we didnt go to times square on our last day before we go to airport.. this is a nice post to remember things of our 1st trip baby =)

Amy said...

I miss oyster mee sua..:)

shermand said...

haha...tat last photo!
i have not use it for long...long...long time...
kind of miss it..
btw have u finish it?