Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Long live youtube

I bought a new curling iron.

Winnie and I happily decided to try it out. Both of us suck at it.

She decided to consult xiaxue's videos. I decided to consult youtube (it has everything!!) After a couple of videos, we improved (slightly).

After curling our hair, sitting side by side, winnie said: do you smell something burning mi?

Me (sniffing the air): yaaa...

We proceeded to check the kitchen, open the back door, walk to the living room to ask our dad, then walk out to open the carpark doors. Nothing. But we still smelt it. After returning to our seats, we sniffed each others hair, then stared at each other.

"Is it our hair"???

*Sigh* We are so stupid. Of cos it was our hair. Being burnt by the curling iron.

I'm going to need a lot more practice. I love the curls but the problem is my hair gets crazy dry after that. What oil should I put on my hair before curling? Time to consult youtube again.

Long live youtube.

I want these curls. Anyone have any tips for me?

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