Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I am back

My KL trip was all I hoped it would be. And more. Fun-filled with laughter. Clubbing. Moderate shopping. Wait. Hardly moderate cos my feet had blisters from walking too much. As usual, I forgot to bring plasters but lucky the bf did bring. Heh. You know me so well..

Our flight was 920am on Friday. It seems like so long ago already. I wrote down many "to-bring" lists on a few pieces of paper, all of which I lost before the day itself. I suck. Why am I so careless? I'm so stupid.. Another example: I brought my air sickness pill cos I get dizzy reaaaly easily. In the car, on a cruise, and on the plane. Anyway, we went up to Genting Highlands as well, which is an approximate 1 hour car ride from Bukit Bintang. I was dizzy 5 minutes into the taxi ride. I forgot to bring my pills. Booo..Left it in the hotel room.

Baby with a headache before landing. Me being the caring gf, you know.. taking a photo of him when he is in pain.

We managed to get really cheap tickets on Air Asia this time round. Less than RM150 for a round trip for both of us. Nice.

I'm hopping around various topics as I'm still tired from the trip. Energy finished. Arrived back in Kuching last night at 7+pm. Flight was delayed due to the crappy weather. I brought my pills this time. Luckily I did else I would have thrown up in the plane... Instead, I fell asleep for most of the flight. It was still raining when we arrived at the airport, and Air Asia doesn't stop right at the terminals. Meaning we have to walk outside in the rain, carrying our luggage in the rain. Holding an umbrella. Oh well. Cheap tickets.

Back to work this morning.

I will update more about holidays in the next post..

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