Thursday, 2 April 2009

Dress up

I was looking through my photos when i came across these. Came home one night and saw mum and Winnie playing dress up with MY scarves!

Make shift bra with the scarf cs's mum bought me from Thailand.

Mum aka Mr Taliban.

Here. Let me show you the reasons why girls should put on make up. All the time. I don't though. I used to put sunscreen, foundation, powder and mascara to work. When I'm hardworking and have time to spare (meaning if I wake up early), I put on eye shadow etc. I woke up early cos I was new at work. Not yet passed probation.

But then, as time passed, I started setting my alarm clock later each morning. So, I only have time to put on sunscreen, which isn't saying much. No make up already. Nowadays, i wake up at 8-810am. After shower, putting on clothes, drying my hair, I have time to drink a glass of water and coffee and rush out of the house. No sunscreen even and definitely no time for make up...

After work. Sorry if I scared you.

Winnie. Also scary.

This is with make up. Although admittedly very hot and sweaty by then. Taken in the toilets after dancing. But still looks better than the photos above anyway..


Full make up complete with fake eyelashes.

Voila. I look different. I think.

I look so damn horny.

How did this photo turn out like this?!

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