Sunday, 12 April 2009


Baby, we've been best friends for so long. We met together back in college. Room 301 to be exact. Back then, we had a lot of the same classes together, and hung out in the same group of friends. We always had a lot of things to talk about. The same stupid jokes that we would find funny, but no one else thinks so. We would invent our own games in class, and our group of friends all think we're weird or childish. But we think its hilarious and still laugh about it till today. (why?)

Both of us were in relationships at the time, but we were still close. Talking all the time. Even during college days, you used to come to my house and chat outside my house till past midnight. At home, we had so much to talk about in msn. Even my parents thought it was weird. The thing was, we were best friends back then. I thought I knew you so well. I know what you like, what type of situations you avoid, and what you like to do.

But now that we are a couple then I know that there are still so much to learn about each other. I have trouble putting into words how I feel about us now. At times, I think we're best friends. Its weird that I can think like that and lean over to kiss you. I would be with you drinking in a pub talking like we used to. And the feeling suddenly strikes me. We're together now. You are my bf now. The difference now is that I hold your hand while talking. You have your hand on my waist and you rarely leave my side. We still talk like before, still laugh together but its even better than before..

Sometimes talking with you now, I wonder how come I didn't see it before? How come I have denied us for so long? And do you feel the same way?

That night, after dinner we went to Hock Lee. We stood in front of a banner, which showed a shop called "Pizza and more". I said ehh..where is this? He said..ehh..looks familiar. After a few seconds:

At the same time, we both said: Ohhh.......
Then, simultaneously: nehhhh........
Then, we nodded at each other and walked away.

And started laughing thinking how weird it would be if other people looking at us, how they would think we're weird. It hit me that we both do that a lot. We don't have to say everything. I know exactly what he is thinking, and he knows what I'm thinking, and that we are both right. Am I making sense here?

Before, I always thought that we are too alike. it would be weird being in a relationship. Shirley once told me, very confidently: you will end up with cs in the future. Equally confident, I told her no. Impossible. Exactly what I said to many other people like Shirley. People who ask why are we not together? I say cos it will feel weird. When people ask cs, he says they same thing..

Baby, I like that we can make each other laugh all the time. We are so comfortable with each other, and I can do anything with you. I can talk all night with you, play badminton with you, watch you race in your car, go to work with you (literally), join you and your friends, cook with you, and go to bed with you. And no matter what it is we're doing, we are so comfortable. We are like best friends, but more. I love that part. I love that we can do everything together, and yet I can kiss u, hug u, play with you.. I guess that's the difference when I'm with you..

Our friends ask us, how come we seem to have never enough time together? They see us laughing and teasing and playing with each other all the time. My mum tells me: you have plenty of time in the future with cs. Take things slow.

With you, I feel so loved, and so lucky. You are not only caring, sweet, loving and protective towards me. You make me feel you care about me more than about yourself. You always put me first before anything else.

People might think we are in the honeymoon period right now since we just got together a few months ago. But I have a feeling that this will last. That we will continue to share everything. That we will not run out of things to talk about, and laugh about. We will continue to make each other laugh. Speaking of making each other laugh, we decided on something silly the other day. We got together rather unofficially last year. We spent some much time together that we can't remember how we got together, so we don't have an official anniversary date.

So, to make things easier we both decided to choose a date that sounds nice or has a special meaning for us. Quite cincai for both of us but we were both satisfied with it. =)

The other day talking on the phone with cs, winnie came and overheard our conversation. She said why are u two talking in codes?? Its actually not codes but the both of us have been so comfortable and so close to each other that we invented our own words. And share the same stupid inside jokes...

I saw this in Timothy Tiah's blog, and went to google the author. I like it:

There's Only One Person by Keely Chace

Are there other couples like us?
In some city a thousand miles away,
are there two best friends who happen to be in love?
My mind wanders to that question now and then,
but never far enough to ever believe
that someone like you could be found anywhere else in the world.
Because I know there's only one person who's so much fun,
so easy to love, and so completely amazing.
And I'm the one lucky enough to have you.

I know you would love this too right?

I have a lot more things to tell you and share with you but I have difficulty trying to explain to you. I know you love me. I do appreciate every little thing you do. How you always go the extra mile to do something for me.

That day your car tire had some problem and you had to go to the mechanic immediately. It was already 6pm. Time for you to pick me up from work. I called you. You said you are coming. But en route to Tun Jugah, you were blocked by the police. Five of them this time. Not so easy to get out of, especially when you had an empty wallet having paid the mechanic all your money. You were more than an hour late to pick me up. After explaining everything, you kept apologizing and telling me how sorry you are to pick me up.

How could I be angry at you when you only cared about coming to get me as soon as possible. You ignored your car ticket, you ignored your car and everything else just as long as I wasn't angry at you. Even after the exceptionally horrible day you had, you still said: I don't care about everything else. As long as I have you. Everything is fine. I don't care about the rest..

The thing is baby you always do that. You always make sure I'm happy. Like you don't care what happens to you..

I know baby. I love you too. I'm so lucky to have you..


cs said...

baby this is sooo sweet =) I'm really the one lucky to have u baby. we knew each other for 8 years and finally, i can hold ur hands, kiss on ur lips and tell u I love u.. so muchh. =) *kiss

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