Sunday, 26 April 2009

Not my day

Has anyone tried these before? I bought these at KL. Cs and winnie loves them, but they just don't attract me. I just cant bring myself to try and taste them. Today at KFC, I ordered a snack plate. My first time ever!!! I never tried the snack plate before. For those who don't know, a snack plate in Malaysia consists of two pieces of chicken, a scoop each of coleslaw and whipped potato, and a bun. At KFC, my typical choice is always always a burger. Either Colonel burger, Fillet burger or Zinger burger. Never snack plate. This is just an example to show how hmm..stubborn (?) I can be when it comes to certain things..

One lunch time, cs and I were at this kopitiam enjoying our food when I noticed this. Baby!! you need to cut your armpit hair! hahahhaa..I thought it was hilarious then..

Obviously it was the woman behind with long curly hair.

I'm not in a good mood today. You know how some people release their stress/anger/tension etc through various ways? Some people cry, some vent their anger out at others by shouting and being unreasonable, some play games and ignore others, some are downright bitchy or rude or arrogant or get my drift....Me, I always turn to alcohol. And then I start to write in my journal. Unfortunately, those days are over ever since my journal went public and every dark, private, secretive thoughts of mine were bared. Even things that I don't really mean. Just things that are so shameful that I only reveal to my journal, not even to my best friends were revealed. Ever since that incident, I couldn't bring myself to start writing again..

Don't leave any evidence. Ever.

These days I just drink and vent to my blog. But then again, this isn't really telling the truth..I just hide everything inside. I realized that if you don't say it out loud, if you try to hide certain facts long enough, even from yourself, soon, you can even manage to convince yourself its true. Once you start to lie often enough, pretty soon the lie becomes the truth..even to yourself.

I had a nightmare again last night. This time I dreamt that our whole family minus Kevin went on a holiday to some place. The part I remember now is that everyone was happy except me. I got lost. I couldn't find the way home..Next thing I know, I wake up with my head and body aching. Grr.. Then I thought a nice hair wash with massage would do me good. So off to the saloon I marched. Only to be met with amateur staff with lousy skills. I am disappointed and still hurt.

Good night


Wending said...

Come on! I cannot believe you still have reasons to be unhappy. Anyway, when I am sad, I turn to icecream and some comedies. It really helps. You should try it out. If you worry about your weight, you can do some 'sports' with your boyfriend after the icecream. Nothing is better than the combination of icecream and sex. (^_^)

Amy said...

why don't u think i have reason to be unhappy? i may be a lucky girl but my life isn't as perfect as you think it is. =)

and thanks for the tip!