Sunday, 12 April 2009

I am alive


It was Good Friday last Friday; so no need to work. Yea! On that day, our whole family went to 8th mile to the graveyard/cemetery to light some candles, clean my late grandfather's grave and also my late uncle's grave. (dad's elder brother). I forgot to take photos. heh. kidding lar. dad would kill me. and then they'd have to pay respects to me too. -__-

not dead yet..

After that we went to Lim Fah San to light some incense, and pray to Guan Yin..Coincidentally it was the 15th, according to the chinese lunar calendar. It was full with people. I'm quite ashamed to say that this was the first time I've been to visit my grandfather, and to the temple. Since I came back from London last year. I'm so useless. Argh. No respect.

In the afternoon, I went for badminton with cs. We were supposed to play paintball but the bf sprained his neck. Somehow. So, reactions are much slower. And we didn't want to risk him getting more injured. Its a bit kek sim cos he can't play paintball with the other guys cos they're fast. He also can't play badminton with his own friends, cos they're good and fast. He's stuck with playing badminton with me only cos I suck and I'm slow. :(

Obligatory Sunny Hill ice cream after badminton.

On Saturday, what did I do? Bummed around the whole day doing nothing. Sleeping in. Then went out to dinner with parents at Pandan Thai Delight for thai food. it sucks. Service sucks too. Portions are full. Midin was damn salty I refused to finish my own spoonful. Tom yam soup was boring. Pineapple fried rice was too bland. So, no need to take photos. It was disappointing. After dinner went to cs's house as usual. =)

I like. The Ice Cream. Not my face.

On Sunday, I woke up early (amazing) and bummed around wasting time. Went to Boulevard (shopping mall) walking around by myself till cs came to join me after work. Lucky there's a shopping mall so near my house. Can't wait for the cineplex to open as well. Then I would definitely be up to date with all new movies! Anyway, we went for badminton again at 2pm just now. Btw, I sprained my shoulder too last night.

Wait. this is too much of a coincidence. I wonder does it have to do with our sleeping positions? Or positions in bed? heh. different meanings. =)

Oh well I haven't been up to much this long weekend. Just badminton and eating and drinking. I'm a normal and typical human being wtf. I'm so bored now. I have nothing to update. How bout I talk about something interesting such as how we managed to sprain ourselves? hahahhaa...

Ok. I updated my nearly dead blog.


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