Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Jit Ong's birthday

His actual birthday was on Sunday (26/04), but he held a BBQ/Potluck party at his house on Saturday (25/04).

He requested each of us to bring something. Among the food that the others brought were: a large Pizza from Pizza Hut. As soon as I saw the box, I went hunting for it. But it was finished!! Boo..Why? Err..cos cs and I arrived late to the party. Another person tapau-ed Sushi from Sushi King. Quite lavish I think. Then someone brought hand made wantons, taste quite good. And someone else brought a huge plate of seafood noodles.

I don't remember what else were there..sorry..

Me and cs, er..economic crisis you know. So, I er brought deep fried fish. The fish fillet type and cut into small pieces fried in some batter. As shown below: The last piece.

Eli cooked it.

There were also some hot dogs, chicken wings, prawn, and lamb.

This is the oily faced photo..

After dinner some of the guys went in to start a makeshift cybercafe. Playing some game. No idea what. I hate online games of any kind and never participate..

Let me explain. When I was younger, I played the TV games with my brother. Back then, it was Super Mario Brothers, and Bubble Bobble, and Tetris, and Bomber Man. I liked it. But I lacked the patience to continue on..I remember, I used to play Street Fighters with Kevin. Unlike me, he excelled at games. Any type of games he can play and damn he is good at it. I think he inherited that from mum. My mum plays PS mahjong, bomber man, hercules etc...I don't know what the names are. I have very limited knowledge when it comes to games..

Anyway, Kevin and me with Street Fighters. He always wins! Not surprising, I know. But me, I would be pulling on his shirt, grabbing his remote, slapping his thighs, his hands etc anything to stop him from beating me. I'm so damn kiasu. That is normally what happens when I play games.

Another worse example: I used to play msn games with cs, such as reversi. When I know that I'm going to lose, I shut down the window. Since he's not beside me, I can't punch, kick, shut down the entire screen. Game finished!

That's why I don't play games and why nobody who knows me tries to invite me to play...

Ah ong opened a bottle of liquor. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was a type of tequila. His friend bought it for him from Australia, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong..I didn't get the name of this alcohol. Forgot to that day..

Anyway, what is so special about this liquor? There were two worms or maggots or caterpillar or whatever that is rotting away inside. I presume its dead already. The guys said it tasted like yomeishu, which is some kind of chinese health wine. To be perfectly honest, this alcohol tastes like shit. The worst ever alcohol I have ever tasted. I took a sip and couldn't finish it. It tasted sooo bitter, like I was eating sand paper mashed into water, or the mouldy bread mashed into water. Eww..

I hope yomeishu doesn't taste like that, or how could they do business??? Who wants to drink that? Eww..for your information, we tried this liquor on the rocks, just ice. It was practically impossible to try to mix it with any type of soda to make it easier to go down.

No one else finished their drink, I noticed. Heh.

Moving on. At 11pm, I asked cs, where is the birthday cake? He went to ask the other guys, who were busy playing games. None of them bought it, they all assumed the other person would buy it. Horror upon horrors. It was 11pm on a Saturday night in Kuching. Which cake shop is open? Bear in mind that we are quite far away from town...grr...

Cs and I went to town in search for a cake. Not went actually. More like raced to town. Him speeding, me clutching on in fear..

Luckily we managed to reach his house by around 1145pm with an oreo cheese cake.

Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun that night and have a great year ahead!

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