Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Flipflops weekend

So I was at Damai Puri over the weekend for the Flip Flops Beach Carnival thing. Before I went, I had big expectations (well not really big but expectations nonetheless) of hot air balloons, rave party, and all round beach carnival.

The reality was a bit different. It sucked for the organizers that the event fell on election weekend, and it sucked for us that it rained at night, ruining the rave party. It sucks cos the hot air balloon cannot go on as planned but oh well.

I didn't really want to go on the hot air balloon after realizing that it was in the parking lot! Instead of at the beach! I can understand, for obvious safety reasons, why it was not at the beach instead lah but still oh well.

Hot air balloon. It looked like quite a let down though. About the height of a 2 - 3 storey building and frankly it is disappointing. I was hoping to climb in a hot air balloon overlooking the sea, the beach, waaaayy up higher.

Not like this! But the rain at night! We had a late dinner that night about 9pm, so by the time we finished, it had started raining boo hoo (drizzling more like) but still sucks to be in the rain (I am old).

Rain = mud/wet/dirty crowded people. So, cs and I went to get out free beer (inclusive with the tickets) and went back to our hotel room.

FYI, the rave party ticket costs 80 fucking ringgit! So expensive! But lucky for me, Winnie won me a free ticket from a beer drinking competition last week! Yay!

And cs bought his ticket for half price, only RM 40 from a friend on Facebook! The entrance to the carnival itself costs RM 15. You have to wear a bright purple bracelet on your wrist to be allowed entry. I have two because I'm wearing cs' as well.

So, the two of us were very fortunate actually that we got both tickets for RM 40. Oh well. We still didn't go for the rave party or any other carnival games, except for the tattoo I got!

I always wanted a tattoo!! It is fake of course! So not used to seeing this on me. It doesn't come off even after I go swimming in the pool, in the sea, and after a shower! So happy!! Makes me kinda wish this is permanent! Sigh..when will I even get a permanent one? :)

I love sunset photos. I love the beach. If I could choose anywhere to die, it would be on the beach. In cs' arms hahhaha wtf. Why so sadistic dramatic sounding?

Let me rephrase. If I could choose anywhere to spend the rest of my life, it would be by the beach.

My mostest favoritest place would be here!! Or any seaside really. Preferably sunset. Ahh if only cs chose to propose to me here!! Hahhahaha...take 3?! I can imagine his reaction/facial expression reading this now. Disbelief!

I am kinda in love with this photo. Not because we look particularly good but because of how we felt at that time. We were so happy, laughing together and blissfully unaware of others around us.. :)

The beach was practically empty by that time. Think it was around 645pm by then?

Sunset. Random ship in the distance. It almost looks like a postcard. :) Love love love that scene back there. Take me back.

We were so carefree. Empty beach. Scream, laugh, run. Not a care in the world. As I laid there in the water, I thought of the week ahead, the things I have to get done. The preparations etc, but I felt...calm. Like I didn't care.. Not a care in the world. It felt good.

Even if it was just for a few short minutes.. It sounds so cheesy but I really don't care now.. The sea was calm that evening, gentle waves. As I laid on my back, floating, letting the waves carry me about, it felt so surreal. For a few moments, it was so quiet, me alone with my thoughts but I couldn't think of anything except how happy I was at that time. Can I do that everyday?

Ah boon and his cousins.

Empty beach scenario:

♥ this photo. Ideal photo taking condition. This is why I want sunset photos!! Hahah!

Boys will be boys. Running around throwing sand at each other. Shouting and laughing: I am so glad that I went to take the camera to capture these photos. So I have a reminder now at least. Hmm maybe I should have taken the sound of the waves as well.

Cs and John being kids again! :)

More photos and updates next time. Its late and I have to work tomorrow. Its okay! I had an awesome weekend! Now that I am back here, thinking of work the next day, I realize that the past two days and nights have indeed been fucking awesome! Haiiih.. OK. Updates next time. Bye!

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