Sunday, 10 April 2011

Family gathering

Last Saturday night, my cousin got married. Well actually it was just a small intimate dinner with all the relatives. Kinda like just to inform. The actual wedding was in Sabah? (I think) Sorry kill me if I'm wrong okie? I am very uninformed. :)

Congratulations cousin!

We arrived at Banquet restaurant by or before 7pm, and waited for the guests to arrive. They took so so so long. Grr. Don't you absolutely hate late arrivals. It is SO RUDE. Sorry lah but I'm stating a fact ok. Who likes to sit there waiting? Would you?

Its his wedding dinner, there are elders there (ah ma, parents waiting) for food to be served but we waited more than an hour before they arrived and we could all (FINALLY) eat.

By then people were complaining of gastric pains. By people, I mean mum and cs.

And to make matters worse, Banquet took so long for the food to arrive between intervals. This has happened before. Wait I go search for the post. Found it here *click to read*. That was from Ama's birthday last year.

Cs said that Banquet's strategy was: serve the food to the guests v-e-r-y slowly.. Wait at least 15-30 mins for the food arrive so that everyone is starving and would think the food taste good. Wtf but so true man! Fuck this sucks.

So I played around with my camera in between and checking the time again and again..

New accessories that look nice on the website, and here but not so nice on my hands. Hmm why?

Since the food took so so long to arrive, we had beer to fill up our stomach. Yea no shit. Think this could be another of Banquet's strategy? Let customers wait till they starve so they drink more water or in our case, beer!

MCB! Damn upset that night. Fucking starving and had to drink beer on an empty stomach. This is not just me talking ok. Everyone was complaining. I so don't want to go back! Grr. Upset!

But it was supposed to be a happy occasion. So. Oh well. I hope we choose another different location for dinner next time.

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