Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Remember I mentioned before that Victoria Arms (VA) at Merdeka Palace has increased their price to RM 20 (inclusive of food)?? Well now I have photos!

Photo of me first! :) Good hair day and good make up day so must cam whore a lot. Not kidding. Plenty of photos (of myself) throughout the post. I'm so proud of myself, I have finally mastered the skill to curl my own hair! No need to go to salons anymore before a fancy dinner and fork out money and then get disappointed cos its not done the way I like it! Happy!

Back to the food!

There are five choices of food you can choose from on Friday nights at VA. Sigh. Actually, I don't know why I keep promoting VA on my blog. I know why lahh its cos I don't exactly go out to other places much nowadays. :(

Garlic sausage comes with mashed potatoes. Winnie likes the mashed potatoes. I thought the sausage were a little bit spicy but I cannot take spicy food at all. People like Nifer or dad would probably scoff at me for saying this.

Chicken chop is good! Love the sauce, love the portion size. Quite big actually. Not big lah but enough for me. It is good.

Fish and chips that mum ordered was just ok. The batter was a bit hard, probably too crispy like chips but not tasty. Nice if you like it crispy..

The other 2 choices are hamburger and chicken wings. But no photos because I was getting lazy. And since VA is not paying me in any way, lazy to promo some more lah. Haha. Cheh not like people who read my blog actually go to VA anyway. haha..

But I have to promote the pizza. ♥ Delicious! I wasn't ready yet and Winnie snapped the photo too soon oh well.

Kah Ling and I.

Mischief by Rita. :) Three guesses what it is.

a) mashed potatoes and sausages lah. what else?
b) ping pong balls/ eggs and sausage haha
c) lazy to think of one more lah. To quote Miranda, "its a pink elephant in the room" without the pink in this case. Not even sure if this phrase would be right in this instance but oh well. Just realized I use oh well too much simply because I don't care/too lazy to argue. So, oh well. :)

Winnie's camera bag is kinda cute.

One more of Kah Ling and me! We talked a lot that night about our dogs. :) Dog lovers do stick together..

And myself!

Group photo minus mum and Janet.

Don't really know what to talk about now cos that night actually pretty sucked. The songs were bad. The dance floor was empty. No one wanted to dance. The DJ won't play danceable songs for us. Sigh.

At first, I went to ask him nicely, would he play faster songs please? So we can dance? With smiles and all that. I was very polite! He shrugged and said its up to my boss. Something along the lines that his boss don't like it.

So we complained to the boss. He was actually very nice and told us not to worry. He would tell the DJ immediately.

So we waited. This is not wrong is it? Requesting songs is a sin? Its not ok when the customers are just standing at the bar, drinking and listening to old songs ok. Its a Friday night, can liven things up or not?

After the boss talked to the DJ, there was a pause (in the music). Literally. The DJ turned off the music and the whole pub was silent for a few seconds. Then he (DJ) announced: FINALLY. U LIKE THIS SHIT!!!!

He then played normal pub/dancing songs from then on. But fuck this shit! Hello? Are we not customers? Did we not pay entrance tickets? Do we not buy drinks after 9pm? Are we not fucking customers? U LIKE THIS SHIT!!! Whether he was saying that to us or to his boss, we have no idea.

So what could we do? Of course don't dance lah! CHEE BYE!!! Complained again to his boss! FUCK U BACK!

Boss: Yes, don't worry. I heard him announce it on the mic. I will take action. Sorry again etc.(very polite)

There. Proof. Empty dance floor! How to attract customers like that?

Ehh VA is not always like this ok. To be fair, the DJ is also not always like this. This was the first time this has happened, and also the first time he was so rude. Well not the first but let's not talk about that for now. Maybe he got period that night that's why so bitchy eh?

So we are all stuck taking photos, while trying to finish up all the drinks. Then we left! Mum went home, and some of us went to Bar Zing! for the rest of the night. Luckily, Bar Zing was fun fun fun! I shall blog about that another time..

Must post more photos first to block out bad memories of a place I frequent so often! Sigh. Its really bad and I don't know when will we go back, and if we do, what would it be like? Oh well.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope! I forgot who said this and am lazy to google right now. Doesn't really relate but who cares. Point is, I am disappointed!

♥ this photo cos my hair looks good here. Good hair day indeed. Ok am quite exhausted so I shall sleep early tonight but its already 11pm. There goes my resolution to sleep by 10pm again! Dammit why does time goes by so fast? 24 hours in a day is so not enough! I need 28 hours pls.

Night. Bye!

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Kah Ling said...

DJ that night was indeed bitchy. What a great way to "celebrate my comeback" that night....