Sunday, 24 April 2011

Always a lesson!

Don't know why I am so unmotivated to blog at all these days. The Internet line still sucks, it took me so so long to upload these photos. When I want to write something down, the line kept went crazy on me then now I'm so not in the mood to talk.

Anyway. Photos!

Love is a weekend away..

Love is a public holiday on Friday! Good Friday so we lucky people get to enjoy a long weekend. Happy. :) But its Monday tomorrow ahh oh well never mind.

Love is also a photo that looks like I have a lot of hair. Doesn't really sound right haha but you know what I mean.

Cos I don't actually. Have a full head of hair. The bad people in the saloon keep telling me that I am balding or have the hair of someone 10 years older than me. T___T Boo.

I just had to show an ugly fat face just to show off my fake tattoo! :D

And another sunset photo by the beach.

So what have I been up to recently? Well, I finally went for the photo shoot after a few gown fittings. You know the whole hoo haa regarding bridal shops? Allow me to bring you up to speed.

Basically, you go into the bridal shop and sign up for a package. In the package, they rent you a few dresses for the photo shoot, with hair and make up, and also two photo albums. Depending on the package you sign up for and your negotiating skills, you would have about 30, 35, 40 and so on poses.

Poses here refer to photos. Such as 35 photos per album. Cs and I suck at negotiating lo. We knew shit about this and no one had advices for us. We just had to learn as we go.

Then there is the whole hoo haa with dresses. For my package, I could choose 5 dresses for the photo shoot. There are 3 classes of dresses. Normal, VIP and HB. No idea what HB stands for just know that they are fucking expensive.

When you sign up for a package, do remember to make sure you know what classes your dresses are in, and go and have a look at the dresses first. And service is so important.

Service because we have to go back to try the dresses for hours at a time, and they have to put it on for you. Most of the dresses are strapless, organza, tied at the back, with can can and what not so they have to wear it for you.

If someone has to see me in my undies and bra, we might as well be close. At least you can chit chat with someone nice.

Hate that we went to one other bridal studio with lousy attitude; they kept pushing us to sign up for the package. Bah. Insisting that the deal ends today!

Btw, you know that we have to wear free bra/ nu bra for the photo shoot right? Thinking to avoid my stylist staring at my undersized boobs, I wore my free bra under my t shirt already.

But no, she took one look at my boobs, and peeled my bra off me claiming that I wore it wrongly.

Waahhh!! Stripped of my dignity! *bawls endlessly! Hahhahah no lah. I was just totally unprepared for that. But yeah this is to prepare any of you who are planning to go for a photo shoot any time soon.



Wait wait I need to change topic for a while! Got something I must share here! Must let everyone know! Beware!! Grr so angry thinking about this.

That weekend away in Damai Puri, we were staying in a room at the end of the hallway. The very last room. Normally I would be spooked because it was quite isolated but the resort was really full that weekend and we had plenty of people in our room. But that's not the point!

What I wanted to say was, two sisters were taking a shower in the bathroom when one of them noticed a blinking blue light on the floor. Next to the waste paper basket. It was partially wrapped in a towel on the floor.

She opened it to find a device about as big as an iPhone. It had the time on it, and there was a flashing blue light, kinda like when you record something on your phone, there is a flashing light right?! MCB!!

We had no idea what it was!

After they showered, they came out and forgot to tell us about it. It was about 1150am by then. Almost checkout time. They mentioned it to us (the rest) in passing and we didn't go in to check immediately cos the toilet was continually occupied.

Only as we were walking to check out did we realize ehh..remember that device in the toilet? Oh yaaa..let's go back to check.

As we walked back to the room, we saw 2 people walking away from our room.

1) a guy who ran down the stairs away from us

2) a hotel staff carrying a walkie talkie and the hotel room card (the one that opens every door).

As we walked back to our room, we realized too late that the door was ajar. It was closed and locked by us only minutes ago!!! We went into the toilet and she (the girl who saw the device) immediately exclaimed: its gone!! Its not there anymore!!

WTF does this mean?!!! Obviously it was something. Someone had removed it already. Either one of the two guys leaving our room.

It can't be a phone. If there was an innocent explanation for this, what could it be? We have been over this and over this but all of us are convinced that it has to be a recording device! MCB!! Dammit!!! What else could it be?

If it was something innocent, why is it gone? Why would someone remove it within minutes of us leaving the room?!! Goddammit! Getting angry now I think of it again!!

The room have not been left empty that morning. Meaning there are at least 3 people in the room the whole morning. We all left for dinner the night before and that was the only chance someone could slip into our room! So upset!

God I hope we wont come across nude photos of ourselves anywhere on the Internet!

We didn't complain to the management or make a big deal out of it because we had no evidence. No proof nothing. What could we say in our defense and also we had no idea if it was done by the staff or someone else.

But at least we learned our lesson! Always always check everywhere. Be more alert! Sigh! When friends mention a blinking blue light in the bathroom, go back and check ASAP!!! Why are we so dumb? ARgggghhhhhhhhhh!! Angry!

But really, lesson learnt!


Anonymous said...

Haha, HB stands for Hollywood Bridal. I took one of the dresses from that category and it is really different. The fitting and material can actually make a fat me look decent. Although now I'm pretty much broke T_T

Amy said...

Hahaa tell me about it! I'm broke too. I took one gown from the HB category haha. U signed up with hollywood too? :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, initially we only wanted to take gowns for actual day. But they charged us a bloody RM1600+ for 2 images, might as well pay a little bit more and get the whole package plus photography. Then later we were told we need to pay extra RM200 cuz ours will be on Christmas. And now that HB dress... I might as well have taken the expensive package in the first place. T_T

Learned my lesson. Not gonna be too thrifty. Because of this we spent another few k's for photography. It had better turn out really good, whether I lose weight by then or not. HAHAHAHA!