Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Amy's guide to exercising..

Actually I am just talking about a lot of rubbish because I am bored. Just finished exercising and nothing to do now. The bf is out playing badminton without me.

So most people would know that I walk/run on the treadmill quite often. This folded up one to be exact.

It is my most reliable form of exercise. I don't need to be out in the sun, and I can watch movies/drama series on my laptop. I am in the comfort of my own home, no self consciousness at the gym where people are watching. I went to the gym before, and it was terrible. They show lousy shows on the tv (the horror) and it is fuzzy. Heh heh. Kidding. Not about the lousy tv though that part is true.

Also, it was so competitive. I am not competitive in the gym okay. I am slow and self conscious. I want to walk at my own pace, I want to rest when I want to, I want to braid my hair when I walk, and I occasionally run when I feel like it.

How long do I run? As long as I can before I double up in pain because of a stitch at my side, or before my knees hurt (I suspect that I am wearing cheap lousy shoes - should go get new ones).

Yes, I did this while walking on the treadmill because I am bored. And it keeps my hands busy. Bored because well, to tell the truth, walking on the treadmill IS BORING.

I know I have my Grey's Anatomy but I know what happens every episode! IT IS BORING.

Watch new movies? It has to have correct, exact subtitles, and it should be movies that I feel like watching while exercising. I watch them on my laptop so it has to be LOUD and CLEAR, to be heard OVER the sound of the treadmill running and my feet stomping.

I need a companion to exercise with me. I need a new form of exercise.

Let me tell you my routine most week nights. I exercise mostly on week nights cos weekends I am out day and night. Mostly. Yea fine always.

Arrive home from work at 530pm, have dinner, change into workout clothes, and brush teeth, wash face, tie up hair. Go into the gym (actually its a fancy name for a small room at the back of the house hehe), and move my laptop with me.

Depending on my mood, how tired I am (how much sleep I had the night before and how mentally exhausting work was that day) and what I am going to do later in the night, I will work out for about 40 to 60 mins. Actually I don't note the time that much, I note how much calories I have lost on the machine.

Then continue watching movies while I use the hoola/hula hoop while I let my sweat dry off. I am getting pretty good at this and can go on for...forever without the hoop falling off. Heh heh. No lah. Of course not. If I were, I would be the new her:

Wow this is so damn lihai. Think she is the world record holder for hula hoops or something. Not sure and lazy to check. :)

Hula hoops is something I have been doing ever since college days, and I believe that it does give you a flatter and leaner tummy. Do it ladies. :) Shake those hips.

I don't use the thin hoops. I am using the thick one. Something of this size but without all those little balls by the side. This one below was a photo stolen off Google and looks like it would hurt. Ouch!

To each his own, it might not work for everyone. But after using it for about 15 mins, my hips are all red and warm, the feeling you get when you get a good workout, and you can feel your blood pumping. Ahh you know what I mean right.

But be warned though. It hurts if you are not used to it. This is the same to all forms of exercise right? If you can't take the heat, then don't overdo it. Start slow. Chehhh why do I sound so ke si now? Not like I exercise a lot. Haha

My only other form of exercise is swimming. It also enables me to stay out of the sun. Yay. In case you didn't know, the freak in me only goes swimming after sunset.

Cs is in love with a freak. Haha.

He is having a beef egg cheese roadside burger in the photo below. It was supposed to be relaxing/chilling/ahhh..this is the lifeee...photo but my photography skills need so much work.

Instead, I made it look like cs is so damn emo/sad. Sial. Why?! But the model (for lack of a better word) is supposed to act better too right.

Speaking of this, I am damn nervous lah. Photo shoot coming up, how am I supposed to act sweet/loving?

I can do that in private no prob haha, but with an audience. Gasp! How how? I don't really expect anyone to reply me so I shall stop talking/typing to myself. :(

Will someone please comment on my blog? Not nasty comments that tell me I'm a bitch/slut/bimbotic/vain/dumb/insert negative adjectives. But positive ones please? :)

And this is a vain photo of self just because I am vain like that hehehe. If people comment that I am vain, then I deserve it.. :(


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