Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ama's Day

Earlier tonight, we went to Banquet (at 3rd mile, nearly 4th mile) for ama's birthday. Ama = grandma. Daddy's mum.

I don't know how old ama is. I doubt even dad knows wtf!!

*Ahem* Anyway.

I think ama don't even know her own age. Just simply guessing that's why we all guessed her age. Everyone knows that its 80+ but, don't know the exact year cos old people simply choose a date on their IC and Passport, don't they?

My late grandpa used to have two birthday celebrations every year. He would just tell us, ehh my birthday is coming up! Wtf. Two times in a year. Cos birthdays = angpau. Kids pay for the birthday dinner etc. Maybe I should follow grandpa and do that when I am old too. haha. Collect angpay $$.

No disrespect meant ok. I love and respect my grandparents, and if this means they are happy then so be it. Its just another cause for celebrations. A gathering of all family members..

We brought a bottle of Macallan to dinner..There were 2 adult tables, and one kids table.

There was a wedding in the other half of the ballroom that night, so all through the night, we would hear yaaammm sennng etc..those kind of stuff.

Winnie curled her own hair that night. What do you think? Not that obvious in this photo though..

I like the lighting here. It looks kinda nice. But the place is quite small. I suppose it would fit, at most, 50 tables?

Looking at the couple who got married there that night, I bit nervous la. There were only about 30 tables there. Fuck. Don't want to imagine my own wedding. I would be the shy bride. Damn paise when walking in.

Camwhore shots before the dinner starts..

Cs is not feeling well. Dammit. The stupid dinner on Friday night. We went to a seafood dinner on Friday night. There was something wrong with the food! Unclean!

Cos in the middle of the night, cs had stomach ache, plus gastric pain and appendix pain!! Wtf! In the beginning it was just stomach ache and gastric so bad that he didn't realize his appendix hurts.

At around 6am, he realized he couldn't lift his leg, and his appendix hurts like hell. So he went to the doctor, who, after urine tests and prodding his stomach, told him, that he has the symptoms, but its not so serious yet that he has to go for surgery.

Just gave him some painkillers (I think), and sent him home. If the pain persists, then he should go back! Me, I had diarrhea the whole day. Plus gastric pains. Definitely something wrong with the food. Weird thing was, our other friends were feeling all right. So, no idea.. that is why I am not mentioning the restaurant name.

Moving on to the food at Banquet!

I liked this first dish. The cold plate. Nice. There is a gaping hole cos Winnie served herself already before I took this photo!

Some ham thingy with melted cheese, prawn, jellyfish plus octopus, and some smoked chicken thingy. The whole thing was very good. I actually think this was the best among all the dishes that night.

Sharkfin soup did not disappoint. Thick, creamy, and tasty. Nice.

Some fish. Don't like. Tasted off! Had one bite, and didn't finish. Sorry. Am a very picky fish eater. Gotta be fresh, or I won't eat it. Winnie thought that it tasted all right though, but she seldom eats fish, so don't listen to her. :D

All Kuching chinese should know this dish. Yam and mixed vege. Normal stuff. No need to explain or elaborate.

Oh oh. Food was sooo slow to arrive. No, I mean they take sooo long between intervals. After the yam dish above, we (kids) seriously thought that more food issit? At least 30 mins passed by.

So. We took family photos:

The adults plus Kevin with ama..

Lynn and her husband..

My 13 year old cousin's daughter, who is taller than me. -_- Ehh geddit or not? She's just 13!

I was wearing heels some more man! Welcome to my family! We are all tall and big boned. I am one of the shorter ones. Winnie don't count. Haha! Seriously. My cousins and aunts (on my dad's side) are all taller than me. Evidence. This 13 year old (Form 1 only!!!) is 170cm already!!

How tall will she be when she is 17? Damn. Pretty some more. I definitely do not remember looking like this in Form 1. In Form 1, I had bad hair, bad face, bad height, bad everything. Come to think of it, I don't think I've grown out of it yet..

So some 30-40 mins later (serious no shit), this prawn balls arrived! Yes, it tastes good. Butter prawn, slightly spicy. But, we are all full already la. The food has settled already. How can?!

After this butter prawn, a mix vege dish plus scallops dish came up. But no photos, cos full already and no mood to take photos. After that the noodles came out, but we just told them to please tapau la. Everyone is full. No one wants to eat.

Imagine if this happens during a wedding dinner! Food all arrive late. With 30 minute intervals. Fun eh?


I love my camera. ♥

and my bracelets..♥

Think I overdid the nostalgia photo. This looks too old..

Poor baby looks so tired here. Didn't even eat much that night..We definitely won't be going back to that restaurant any time soon. Grr..

Cake cutting ceremony! Two cakes! No one had any of the cakes. Just tapau-ed everything. It was late and Argentina vs Germany was starting. Then, we were still eagerly anticipating the match..

Now, 3 hours later, I am sooo disappointed! Why do all the teams I support go down?

Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday tooo..ama...happy birthday to uuu..

So there you go. Ama's birthday at Banquet 2010! Ama has been celebrating her birthday the past few years at Banquet/Luconia with dad, but coincidentally the past three years, I wasn't in Kuching..

This year, I am now working in Kuching permanently, but dad decided not to celebrate his birthday. Grr..I missed out on all their happy times. I remember calling back from London to wish dad a happy birthday, and Winnie answering the phone to tell me: What? We're going out now. No time to talk wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about disappointment plus homesick. Chee bye!! 8 hours time difference. Its noon for me, but they are rushing out to dinner..

I hung up the phone in my cold, small room in 168B Jamaica Road, and wondered what went wrong here?! Haha..

Oh well. I am here now. No longer overseas. I'm here now. Dad's birthday coming up. $$$ no enough. :D

Night! Updates soon~~

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