Thursday, 22 July 2010

Meatballs and Fish Head Noodle Soup

I saw this Pizza Hut advert and had to share it here. Creative no? But not really original.

Looks familiar? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

Have you watched the cartoon yet? Its really nice. Funny. I watched it a few times during Chinese New Year 2010. Nothing to do at home while serving guests so watched it with my siblings and cousins' kids.

Should be fun to watch in 3D. All that huge sized food haha.


Back to Pizza. Meatballs in every bite. Hmm.. I think I'm going to pass this one out. Looks like meat overdose. Not my thing.

Definitely going to pass up on this one.


Since we are on the subject of food, I have something more to add on.

Ever since their (cs and friends) last KK trip two years ago, I have heard countless times just how delicious this noodles is. Its the famous Sabah fish-head mee hoon/noodle soup. (Say it in hokkien). Actually, it was served with mee hoon as noodles (Vermicilli in English, I think! Or is mee hoon English too?) Hmm..

So. This was on my must try list. We had this on the morning of our second day there. Thursday. The morning we decided to go to Pulau Sapi. So, we didn't want to waste time taking a car to find the exact store for famous fish head noodle soup. Instead, we thought a kopitiam close by our apartment (within walking distance), and recommended by a friend - should suffice.

You can see where this is going.

Big mistake! I don't know where exactly this shop is. I would get lost trying to find it again (not that I want to). I just know its close to a KFC. Cos after having these noodles, we tapau-ed KFC. Yea, it was that bad.

Those big brown lumps are fried fish. The fish tastes good but so many bones sien la. I hate tauhu and pick it out - every tiny little piece. I only eat Japanese tauhu - don't ask me why.

My parents are baffled! My brother thinks I'm too picky to live. Don't ask me what's the difference between normal and Japanese tauhu - I just can taste the difference, and I hate normal tauhu taste. Something in my genes repel tauhu. I just don't like it - please ignore me.

The soup is kind of sweet and yet tasteless - despite all those toppings. Besides tauhu (tofu in English), there is tomato bits. Tasteless.

Don't even know why I bother to post this here. This was unanimously agreed that it sucked!! Not nice!! All 9 of us agreed it sucked. So yea, I'm doing a good deed. If you come across something that looks like it, be warned.

Ehh if it was just me and cs saying, you know its cos we are freaking picky eaters. But how can all 9 of us agree on this?

Something is very wrong here..

This is cs' bowl - only difference was I opted for the fried fish. Lucky I did else the whole bowl would be left untouched!

Cos I err don't eat the soft fish skin. Slimy slimy yuck. Only fried fish skin.

Err yes, I know I sound soo picky - spare me the lecture about how African children have no food and I'm wasting it- But, if I don't finish this bowl of fish head noodle soup, does this mean they (African children) will have food to eat?

No, right? Who came up with this kind of lecture in the first place anyway?

Heh heh. Just saying.

End of the meal.

Time to go tapau KFC.

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