Monday, 19 July 2010

Daddy's 60th

Oh dear. I was afraid of this. So many backdated events and things to talk about. I have a huge backlog of photos. Dilemma. How how?

Talk about dad's birthday first!

13 July 2010: Tuesday night

Venue: Home, My Restaurant, Kings Arm

Dad's office staff gave him this cake. It reads: Happy Birthday to our big boss.

I have the coolest dad.

1) He drinks and allows/encourages us to drink (when we were young cos he said girls should drink so as not to be cheated by guys). But he is more like discouraging me now since I err drink a bit too much.

2) He has cool specs.

3) He has a tattoo and he smokes. (Quit already)

(I don't think its cool lar. But for some reason several of my male friends think my dad is cool for the above reasons. Must be a guy thing)

4) He dances cha cha better than me.

5) Sings better too. Mum is the best singer in the family though. None of their children inherited their voices.

Mum bought this for dad. Fruit cake.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we went to My Restaurant for dinner. Its err..behind Lodge Senior. After the roundabout. Some people say its the road going to Sama Jaya. Oh well. Google it folks. Easy to find.

My Restaurant is supposedly well known for its pork. Particularly this thing (forgot what its called and damn lazy to google cos i woke up at 4am to catch a flight from kk to kch-i deserve a break). Anyway I think its called pork knuckle (duno how to spell the taukenio pronouced it as such).

Nicely done. Crunchy on the outside, and the meat was quite soft. You know, not hard hard since the skin was so crunchy. Nice lar. I duno how much it costs.

I am finding it very hard to rave about My Restaurant. Mostly because the service sucks! Sucks! On dad's birthday some more. He had a hard time keeping his temper in check. They were very impolite and impatient in taking order. They here refers to the taukenio.

When I asked her to please recommend some dishes as this was our first (AND LAST) time there, she very nearly rolled her eyes and in a monotonous voice rambled off a list of things, to which I caught nothing of. With no pause in between. Fine. Never mind. I shall randomly pick off some dishes myself.

It wasn't just this. She was just very annoying. Damn attitude problem. We were there, happy happy enjoying dad's birthday, a nice family night out and she ruined it.

Service is everything. And they did it right.

So, no. I have nothing to rave about other than that pork knarkle (duno how to spell).

It was a bit of pork (and meat) overdose though. A very heavy meal. We had some mixed pork platter, sausages, macaroni, spaghetti, and salad. There were pork in everything including the salad (a bit lar. Just a slice of bacon. But definitely pork overdose by the end of dinner).

Good for pork lovers but I won't be going back. Not worth it.

After the let down dinner, I suggested we go celebrate somewhere else. Since it was dad's 60th. Occasion enough. For the past 3-4 years, dad had a birthday party every year, but due to some circumstances this year, we decided not to make such a big deal anymore.

So. We ended up at Kings Arm. Dad wanted to go somewhere with a live band. Well, on a Tuesday night, I couldn't think of much places with a live band. Good thing it was Tuesday too cos I go on leave on Wednesday! :D

But back to work tomorrow. Boo. :(

Its been a while since the four of us came out drinking together. Mostly its just mum, Winnie and I at VA. Dad hardly joins us at VA now. He complains that the smoke is too much. Suffocating. Hypocrite.

Haha. Ever since dad quit smoking, he complains of other people's second hand smoke. Mum as well. Hypocrites!!!

In the beginning of the night when we all still look fresh and sober.

We arrived at about 8+ pm. The place was empty except for us. Plus no live band. They came in about 940pm. Late. We were about ready to leave already having finished about half bottle of this Macallan. Dad's preferred choice of whiskey.

As usual, we (Winnie and I) get nagged by dad for wasting his whiskey by mixing it with coke yadda yadda yadda. We only heard it about 10,000 times. From dad and his friends. Haha!

Sorry man. It just goes down easier with coke. And believe it or not, there is a difference even though we mix it with coke. Its pretty obvious that when you mix coke with Chivas (it tastes like shit or lousy whiskey), but when you mix it with Macallan or Glenfiddich 18 years, it is so much more smoother. Easy to go down with. No cringing from the first sip.

I prefer Macallan to Glenfiddich though. Personal choice. VA serves shit whiskey (I suspect its Chivas). And the first glass is always the hardest to finish. The second, third, and consecutive glasses pretty much tastes the same. Heh heh.

They called dad up to sing him a birthday song! Daddy is shy.

Before we knew it, they gave dad a free drink. He didn't finish it though. No idea what was in the drink. Something sweet at the bottom. Plus I saw them adding chivas on top before lighting the drink.

End of the night!

A long and healthy life to the world's best dad!

P/S: Can't be bothered to check for grammatical and spelling errors. Brain dead. Gonna catch some zzz..Night.

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