Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Vodka at Peach Garden

This post is in continuation of the Salmon Fest dinner I blogged about a couple weeks ago. After dinner, we decided to go for a yum cha session ala alcohol. That night was also Shepy's birthday eve. Celebration enough to drink! Hehe.

Could not decided where to go as a group that night as we have never been out for alcohol together actually. Annual dinner does not count. During annual dinner, everyone is drinking at the company's expense. Everyone is happy or pretending to be happy or has on a happy face. So I dunno why but it doesn't count. So yea. I was quite interested to see how we would end up like.

In the end, Alvin and Mary suggested we go buy a bottle of Vodka and go to a kopitiam to drink, while watching football! That was the plan.

Now this I have never tried before. Bringing a bottle of Vodka to Peach Garden at Jalan Song. At most kopitiams, you would see guys with buckets of beers right, but I don't think I've come across this yet:

Vodka Kurrant. We buy the 7-up there, so there are no objections from the kopitiam. Definitely a cheaper alternative than going to pubs, where they charge you obscene amounts for corkage fees *cough*VA*cough*where else ar*cough*

In the beginning of the night, there was just: Alvin, Mary, Shepy, Cs & I, Chang and Kuei Nee. Between the 7 of us, that bottle of Voka was finished in a mere 30 mins? More or less.

So, when Alvin's three friends came to join us later in the night, the guys ordered some 8 cans of Tsing Tao each. Which equals to one box actually. Siao.

All finished by 1am. Bear in mind, we arrived there at around 10pm onwards.. Like I said, siao. Hehe. Not much photos the later it got, cos the more alcohol there are in my system, the lazier I get at taking photos..hard to focus lar. :D



My photo captions definitely need more creativity. Who the hell capitons photos as colleagues and ex-colleagues? Before that I wrote: oily faces and less oily faces oh hell. Antibiotics are melting my brain..

One thing I learnt about Peach Garden was, they served quite a lot of pork!

This was some very delicious fried pork chop in bite sizes. Definitely a beer/alcohol companion! Nicely done. Crispy. Tasty.

I don't remember why was Alvin pouting. I also don't know if he would mind seeing this photo here too. hehe. Sorry in advance man.

More photos of me cos my assistant is doing a good job of taking flattering photos of me! haha. Ever notice that there are more photos of cs on my blog than my own photos? Pretty amazing that he was so hardworking that night snapping photos of me.

This was some cheezy wedges. Just like in KFC. If you like the Cheesy wedges in KFC, you would like this. I don't. So. Yea.

I am the only person I know who goes to KFC, orders a Value Meal that comes with cheesy wedges and requests: No Mayo or Cheese on wedges! Just plain. Nothing on them. My brother and sister, and boyfried are baffled! Bah! So I don't like cheesy wedges. How? :D

Self explanatory fries with mayo and ketchup. I realized that more and more places in Kuching are serving fries with mayo now. Before, little Kuching only serve fries with Chilli sauce! bah! Hate Chilli sauce. When you ask for Tomato, they first, give you a weird look that says: what kind of idiot/Kuching person are you? Don't take chilli?

But. Kuching is improving. We now have Mayo with fries! Pretty soon we might have Andalouse, sweet chilli, barbeque, curry, and mustard too.

Pork satay which came out in weird funky colours. No idea why. I didn't have much of this, so no comment. But the others seemed to like this though. Oh well. If you do take pork, try this. How many places in Kuching sells pork satay anyway? A lot issit? Oh paise la. I'm damn SPK when it comes to non-pizza related food. :D

So there you go.

My first time at Peach Garden with Vodka and colleagues.

Definitely a different experience and yes, I will go back again..

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