Monday, 5 July 2010

In progress

I have one very important question: How not to be sick?

When did I start getting like this? Sick all the time and how to stop?!!! Fucking hell this sucks! I don't remember being like this is high school. Grr not enough rest!

I went to the doc this morning. He commented that I look soo...tired. Dammit! He told me to stay home, sleep early. Stop going out. T_T I am so dead. Do I look that bad?!

He even went as far to say: stop going out! Don't go out so often. Sometimes you can say no. Wtf. My Doc is a mind reader too. So.

I resolve to stay home more often.


I resolve to quit drinking.


Heyy..I have been drinking less actually. Not bad. *pats my own back* Keep it up Amy. Self praise is no praise

I resolve to sleep at 9pm every night.


OK. Far fetched resolutions aside.


Here are some random shots, on random days, shot by random people using MY awesome camera!

Went to choose lights for cs' house. While he decided which lights to use in the living room, dining room, carpark, kitchen, toilet, and balcony, and discuss which line to pull here and there, whether to open a hole in the living room ceiling, whether to install remotes, and negotiate the price, I er..take photos:

Ya I am so busy. What would he do without me? No pretty photos.

No pretty photos with the pretty camera he bought me. Hmm..

Random sunset photos by the road side..This so beats a camera phone..

Now the lights are in, we can start painting at night. When I mean we (are a team), I mean cs does the painting, whereas I am his assistant..running around fetching his drinks, food, towel etc.

Le sigh. What would he do without me again?

Oh yes. No pretty photos..

Chill people chill. I am not that useless lar. In addition to fetching food, drinks, towels, and taking photos, I do help him ok!

I actually quite like this shade of gray. Kinda like bluish gray. Nice..

Night view from the balcony.

Going to follow doc's orders now. Sleep by 930pm.



Smooth Operator said...

One way I know how to avoid being sick all the time is you gotta try to sweat more often.

I dunno how you plan to do that but gym would be a good place to start.

If you're not a smoker, try to avoid places full of smokes, such as pub, karaoke or snookerium.

Another way is expose yourself to the sun more often, though you might not like it.

Last but not least, try to avoid oily and fattening food, such as steak and pizza of coz (LOL). Eat more fruits and vegetables for a change.

Amy said...

Hahaha i gotta change my lifestyle habits ehh. I can sweat more often and eat more fruits and vege, but how to give up pizza?!! :D

Thanks btw!

John Harding said...

true.. exercise...and if you want, take cod oil..its good for immune system (like as if i am that healthy lol) i've also been sick, i malas want to exercise and take supplements. my mom also always says that i've been out too much!

Amy said...

cod oil? hmm okie I will try to take it. haha. We cannot be lazy. Must exercise and always remember to take supplements. :D