Friday, 9 July 2010

Hachiko - A Dog's Story

I just finished watching this movie.

Warning: Includes spoilers!

Actually, not much spoilers needed for this movie. But, I shall write this anyway cos I hate it when I read spoilers without any warning ahead..

Its based on a true Japanese story, about this faithful dog who awaits the return of his deceased master for nine years. Err yea that about summarizes the whole story.

Its soo touching. I cried my eyes out!

OK. OK. I give a proper/longer synopsis. So this guy (Richard Gere) comes home from a trip one day, at the train station and sees this dog (Hachi) abandoned in the station. He tries to find a home for him, but in the end, he took Hachi in his own home.

Richard Gere is known as the Professor in the movie. So, this Professor obviously loves his dog, and spent all his free time with his dog, teaching him to play fetch etc. Every morning, Professor goes to the train station to work, and Hachi follows the Professor there. After the Professor gets on the train, Hachi goes home by himself.

By 5pm every evening, Hachi arrives at the train station himself to await his master's return. Without fail. Every day. Snow or rain.

(So sad) One day, the Professor dies. Just like that. Abrupt death. No warning, no explanation nothing. Of course, from Hachi's point of view, no one is going to tell the dog that: your master died from a heart attack or whatever.

Hachi continues to return to the train station every day after that without fail, for the next 9 years just to wait for his master's return. He doesn't want to go back home to live with the Professor's family, i.e. his daughter and husband.

Hachi would rather be kind of like, a stray, and sleeps at the train station, and accepts food from the people who work there. Hachi just returns everyday to the station to wait.

This is based on a true story. It is said that Hachi's bronze statue now still stands at Shibuya Station in Japan.

Oh God. I'm a sucker for these kind of movies.

Dogs are such loyal, faithful creatures. If you have a dog, and loved it before, you must watch this movie!

For all the dog lovers out there..definitely must watch!

Thank you Nancy for giving me this movie.

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