Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sooner or later

Another random post! This time about dinner, and updates on Cherrie and Cs' house.

Mum has been seeing these Planet (a restaurant somewhere at 3rd mile roundabout. Planet Amore) adverts in the paper for some time, and tonight we went to try it out!

Housewives We get excited over stuff such as RM 9.90 set dinner. The set dinner comes with a choice of Chicken Chop, Fish n Chips, or Sandwiches (Don't remember the 3rd choice sorry), with drink and dessert.

Mum and I both had Chicken Chop with Ice Lemon Tea (only one choice of drink).

Voila. Don't expect too much for RM 9.90. Pretty damn cheap and nothing much to complain. The mushroom sauce was ok, same like you would get anywhere outside. Coleslaw normal, with generous portion of fries. Good enough for RM 9.90.

They forgot our dessert though. We forgot we had dessert too. It was supposed to be fruits. Never mind.

We also ordered a Planet Special, under the salad entrees. This was it:

I love this stuff. I love this kind of salad! They are basically just fresh, clean, raw, uncooked celery, cucumber, and carrot sticks. Comes with a sauce. I love it!

When I have a housewarming party or whatever party in the future in my own home, this is what I'm going to serve. Or the first dish that comes to my mind anyway. Don't care that guests may not like to eat vegetables. Vegetables is good for your health. :D

Oh the irony. What happened to veges are good?

Lunch one fine day in the office. Fine or bad day, as you might think. So what happened was there was a blackout at 9am - 1030am. This means we lost 1.5 hours of work. Don't know how much $$ loss. Point was, we had to stay back till 6pm, or forgo lunch and go home at 5pm.

Well now. Amy does not want go back at 6pm. So stay in for lunch it is. Heh actually around half the office stayed in for lunch and went home at 5pm. Hence the maggi.

Moving on. Updates on Cherrie!

Cherrie at One Month Old

Forever biting my home slippers. She hates it when any of us wears slippers at home. She would be running around and after us, biting our slippers till we take them off.

Cherrie at Two Months Plus. (Now)

See how much she grew? My slippers look so tiny beside her now. Its pretty obvious that she's getting longer, taller, and bigger. And her fur is shedding so quickly. Every time I pick her up, my clothes are stuck with all her fur. Now she is growing more light brown, instead of dark brown like before.

Here. Another example.

At one month plus.



Cs' house is almost ready!! I am practically hopping up and down in my seat in excitement!! Finally! All those planning and deciding, all our talks and negotiations. Oh yes, and all those quarrels.


Finally all those construction work are done. Finally all the lights and air con are in. Finally all the tiles are in place. Hmm pun?

This is the Before and After photo of the carpark. Sorry I don't have before and after for the rest of the kitchen, toilet and living room. Maybe next time after I properly comb through my photo albums..

Now we he has the dirty task of cleaning the house. Sweep and vacuum the whole house, mop and wash the toilets, clean the windows etc..

After that, its time to get kitchen cupboards and all the rest of the furniture. Boo..

Boo cos this means $$, which means we are broke again. This is never ending. this is why people don't buy a house young? Heh heh.

No complaints though. Its worth it.

So when are we moving in baby?

I would love to watch my parents reaction if they were to read this! Chee bye mi. What did we teach you? You were not brought up like this. Proper girls do not go asking their bf''s (and broadcast it online) when they can move in with him. You guys are not married yet. Cipiet. Dignity. Honor. Fuck it.

Haha. Thought it was funny.

Night all~


Anonymous said...

your employer sounds like a slave driver...

Amy said...

Haha no la..not that bad.

Alina said...

yes yes..quick quick move in...we can't wait to see the house too!!

Amy said...

Haha you guys will see the house soon enough hehe. :D