Sunday, 11 July 2010

This is about Bella

What with all they hype about Eclipse, I thought what the hell. Its time to write this post! Time to vent. There is just too much love regarding this saga. Surely I cant be the only one who hates Bella?

But let's start at the beginning.

I watched the movie first (Twilight) and liked it.

Nice enough movie. Story line was quite nice, and refreshing still. Bella looked hot, and so did Edward.

Then I bought the book. I thought the book was ok too. Liked it enough to buy the second book: New Moon.

That's where it went downhill. God I hated it. I hate Bella. She is so stupid! Whiny! Spoilt! Tries to hurt herself on purpose to hear his voice? Make other people worry about her. Whine whine whine non stop. The only good part about New Moon was Jane. I sound sadistic don't I, since Jane is evil. But she was what made New Moon interesting.

What is with all the hype about Team Edward and Team Jacob? I love Edward in the BOOK. Not the movie. I don't think Robert Pattinson is hot. He is too thin and has on too much make up. I know la his character as a vampire therefore he has to be super pale hence the make up. But blah.

I hate Jacob in the book cos he is so stupid too. Like Bella. They are so ngam seriously. Both so immature. Jacob is like a child. Did you read Eclipse? Don't you think Jacob is super arrogant? You know you want me Bella..what the hell is that? And Bella?! Why? Why why does she want to see Jacob so much when she has Edward, why?

Hurting both Edward and Jacob at the same time.

Super selfish bitch. At the end of Eclipse, Bella agreed to marry Edward, but why does she still want to kiss Jacob? Soo irritating reading this. Ya, I know I bring it onto myself. Read crap and complain afterwards. Nobody forced me to read or buy this.

That said. I think Taylor Lautner (the actor) is way hotter than Robert Pattinson. Tall, dark and handsome. Mmmm...

Breaking dawn is a whole different story! I love this book! I read this book countless times.


Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Cos guess what?

Bella died!!

Bella died!!

Bella died!!


OK Fine. She died and became a vampire too. That's why she is no longer whiny and bratty and stupid.

Quoting Bella:

"..It was like I had been born to be a vampire. The idea made me want to laugh, but it also made me want to sing. I had found my true place in the world, the place I fit, the place I shined."

Want more spoilers? Want to know how Bella died?

Long story short:

Horny Bella demanded that Edward make love with her while she was still human. That is one of the conditions for her to marry him. Yes, they got married. On their honeymoon, they fucked and voila Bella is pregnant with a vampire child. Or half vampire.

Because vampires are super strong and super perfect, whereas humans are super weak and useless, Bella died giving birth to Renesmee (her daughter).

At the same time, on the operating table, Edward changed Bella. He injected her heart with his venom, and changed her. Made her a vampire, so to speak.

Success. Whiny Bella got what she wanted. She is now a vampire too and is happy with her new life.

Enough spoilers for now.

I like the fourth book because it is full with drama. No boring stuff that stretches on and on throughout New Moon and Eclipse. No stupid Bella trying to kill herself. No annoying Jacob. Wait. There is Jacob but he is much less annoying now. Grown up too.

Stephenie Meyer came up with a Twilight Saga but I only liked the first and last of the series. After New Moon, I was sooo reluctant to read Eclipse. Only bought it cos Winnie gave me a spoiler that Bella died in the end. How could I resist buying after that? Sigh. Super geek.

I want to watch Breaking Dawn when it comes out, whenever that is. That is perhaps the only one out of the series that I will watch at the cinema. :D

OK. Complained enough tonight.



John Harding said...

I AGREE with everything you write here about the movie and characters especially the part where Bella is an annoying bitch and Edward is an ugly sissy (ok..i tambah that part)..its human nature to like something that others when they put edward as the 'hero' automatically those who're obsessed will think that he's cute... in the other hand, the other guy is way much hotter... not bcos i m dark and colors...but i do think that he's been discriminated bcos of his color.....

uh.. and ...i stopped reading your post when i reached the 'spoiler' alert hahah

Amy said...

HAHA great minds think alike!! my spoiler warning was useful after all. haha