Friday, 23 July 2010

Housewife? Noooo...

Edit: Added a photo of the stairs below.

Apologies for the hiatus. This is what's occupying most of my free time:

New house. Every time some one asks me how is the new house coming along? What's taking so long? What are you guys doing now?

I don't really know how to answer. If you have a house, you would understand perfectly. The work is never ending. There is a never ending list of things to do and to clean. Some more, its just the two of us - cs and I.

We are trying hard to make the house fit to live in.

The silliest thing can occur. We bought a water heater and got the guy to come install it.

While drilling a hole to attach the water heater, he drilled into the water pipe. Ci piet.

Not really his fault cos who would expect that to happen? Anyway. Bought new tiles, and fixed it up. But now the top floor is dirty again thanks to drill-into-water-pipe-guy. This means a whole lot of cleaning up to do.

A Sunday to give up again - dedicated to sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the toilets. Thanks a bunch!

It is almost 11pm and I just got home. Cs and I spent the night cleaning away again. Tonight, he finished painting the walls. Because we had some construction work done, and installed lights etc, the paint was somewhat dirty - because of the cement and patchy in some spots - cos the construction workers did a shit job.

So, we had to re-paint the whole house in its original color, and changed some other colors while we were at it.

Whereas I attacked the kitchen area - the kitchen tiles are all covered with a thick layer of dust, and some white powdery stuff - no idea what. Followed the advice of the construction worker and mixed some vinegar with half a pail of water and scrubbed away at the tiles - worked well. Thanks man!

Don't be fooled by the pretty photos - its a small house (Yes, house. Not apartment) Haha alot of misunderstanding over this. People tend to think we live in an apartment. The correct term is townhouse actually.

Nah. Proof its not an apartment.

So. We now have aircon, fan, lights, and all construction work is done. What's left now is...anyone want to sponsor me some maids to clean the house? Or donate some money to me so we can afford maids to do this work on our behalf?? Or anyone want to help me clean the house? Haha.

Maybe I should bribe eli. Or threaten. Either one. Or pay her extra. Hmm..

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