Friday, 9 July 2010


I think this is the first time I have come across this on Firefox. Quite suprising.

Nonsense stuff.

Its Friday and I am soo sleepy. The whole week, I have been in bed and sleeping by 930 - 10pm. Damn kwai ok. This is not me. But, the more I sleep, the more tired I get. Why ar? I do realize that it is much easier to get up in the morning. I even managed to wake up before my alarm clock (gasp!!!)

Ahh anyway. This shall be a random nonsense post with garbage spilling out of my head. I just want to talk. About stuff. I have two working days left before I go on leave!! I was sooo looking forward to this KK trip. I have been looking forward to this trip for soo long, particularly since cs went to KK with friends the year before and didn't invite me!!

Actually he did, but we were still at the are-we-together or are-we-just-friends phase. So, I didn't want to go. Hah! Anyway. Now I get to go too! I have still never managed to go on holiday with a huge group of friends. Oh well. But, what with friends and thier various job commitments etc, this KK group has dwindled down to about 8 of us now. That's ok. Still enough people to share an apartment, go island hopping, order seafood, and go clubbing!!

Its dad's birthday on Tuesday (13/07). Because it normally coincides with the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) at Cultural Village, I have never been there.. It costs some RM 110 (I heard) this year. Waahh! So not worth it la. Doesn't matter that I have never been there. I don't think I would enjoy paying overpriced beer, and liquor, and trying to dance, enjoy music with hundreds or sweaty smelly people. Nah. I think I'm old. Oh hell. Ehh why do I think like this? Btw, RWMF starts today!

So for this year, the Simon family kids are going to treat daddy to a birthday dinner at My Restaurant. That is the plan so far!

Btw. Something important!!

My mum was a victim to some snatch thieves on Wed noon (around 3pm) at Petronas Hui Sing! Chee bye! Some fucker on a motorbike pulled on mum's handbag HARD and she fell to the floor and banged her head on the floor CHEEBYE!!! Because she banged her head on the floor, she is in pain, she didn't notice what colour the bike was, the carplate number, or whether there was one or two guys.

But at 3pm at Hui Sing Petronas, the petrol station was packed full with people. Customers and staff alike. People came rushing to help mum offering help when she fell. It seems they (snatch thieves) just randomly chose a victim to snatch. Mum was dressed in shorts, and a ratty t shirt, with slippers. No jewels. They didn't push her. They just grabbed her bag, and mum fell from the impact. Dammit.

We went to report police after that. She lost her IC, Driving license, cash and some credit cards. Damn hassle! Then mum went to the General Hospital for check up. Freaking queue took 3 hours, and mum didn't want to wait. So she left and came home. Sigh. I hope there is no (CHOI) other damage. Mum is fine now, just shocked. Thx for ur concern. :D

Btw, ladies please do be careful at Petronas Hui Sing. The place seems to be notorious for snatch thieves. Even the doc at GH said, he has treated so many patients who were victims at that particular petrol station. Cs thinks that its because its easy to get away there, since there are 2 exits. What do u think? I just think, I would avoid going to pump petrol there in the future. Leave it to the men. heh.

Abrupt end to garbage post!

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