Thursday, 6 December 2012

Yet another update

Some recent photos from my phone..don't know why I've been blogging so little these days. Laziness creeping up on me. 

Not very chatty today cos the Voice is on. But I'm not that interested anymore. Its not like Season 2, where there is Juliet Simms. I watched it mainly because of her..she is awesome.

Watch this video of her singing It's a Man's Man's World, and Roxanne. Wish she had won instead of the other guy. Jermaine I think.

This season though, hmm..I would like it if Trevin Hunt wins. He can sing Whitney Houston's song man. Nuff said. I mean, have you tried singing Whitney's song? I haven't but I tried just now for the heck of it.

Result? A very amused husband who won't stop laughing. Nuff said too. Hahah. 

Anyway..Moving on..

Got this from Backerei for RM 5.90 for both. Turkey ham. I didn't know they cut it in half and made it two sandwiches. But quite good value for money. Ate one and gave the other one to Cs. 

Cs told me: I always win lucky draws. I didn't believe him but ever since we got together, he has won quite a few things already. Mobile phone, travel bag, laptop bags, alcohol. Jeez. Lucky guy!! This one is from Alliance Bank. No complaints there. Thanks! :D 

Tempura prawn pizza with cream cheese balls. Nice but a bit too much cheese, even from me. I wouldn't really order it again any time soon. It was very filling. Don't get me wrong - it is good. Just too heavy and rich. Can't believe I'm saying this. I love pizza. No, inadequate. I worship pizza!

Hahaha idiot.

I always wanted to take a before and after make up pic of my eyes. I have never really succeeded cos the photos always turn out like shit. 

Allow me to explain: more often than not, the photos show a glimpse of my half naked body (yea, I make up with my undies and bra on. Its only Cs and I at home anyway), too much to one side, or not much difference between before and after. Like now. Not much difference actually. Grr.

Ordered this at Planet as snacks during drinking. Nicee..much healthier than fries. Everyone tends to much during drinking, except my mom!! Everyone else has to eat/snack on something except my MUM! 

Sorry with the caps mama, but I still can't understand her self control. I wish I had that kind of self control. More often than not, I end up ordering Pringles, Cheezels, Fries, Wedges, and our newest addition, these carrot/celery/cucumber sticks above! Much healthier. 

Or else after drinking, we end up at Kuching High lok lok. I need self control.

It was a good hair day. Of course it was cos I went to the saloon. Without, it looks like a mess. An ugly, dry mess. That is exactly why I went and straightened my hair. So much easier to manage now. 

Mum made sausages wrapped in bacon. It was ok. Not that big a fan of bacon. This is where most guys go: what??!! Not a fan of bacon?! Siao ah. Its like saying you don't like Kuching laksa when you live in Kuching.

I wonder does anyone not like Kuching laksa? Locals I mean. West Malaysians don't know Jack. Hahaha no offence this is directed to my good friend, Nifer from Penang only. Long standing joke cos she argues that Penang laksa is much better than our laksa, which is only like curry mee. Wtf right?! I'm just kidding..

Dad had awesome rosemary chicken at Sidewalk, and came home and told mum to try duplicate it. This was mum's attempt. It was mehh..

Looks good though but I didn't like the sauce. Dad loved it though. Guess that's what's important. :) Satisfying your husband. In more ways than one.

Mum made fish pie for Winnie's birthday. There were broccoli, mushroom, squid, prawns, potatoes and erm what else? Oh yea..tuna! And topped with cheese. So fish pie is used really loosely. 

Fook the name anyway. What's important is that it tastes soo good, we finished the whole thing. Mum is an awesome cook. I should get this recipe from mum. 

Last pic of me before I go tonight.

The Voice is ending. It is mehh..Imma go watch my Grey's Anatomy again later. God I'm such a bore! 

Btw, unrelated but Su Ann of is blogging again. I haven't checked her blog in a really long time. Anyone else read her blog too?

She's so smart that reading her blog posts makes me feel stupid. Seriously. She has a way of writing that is just different from anyone else. 

OK bye.

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