Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dieting, yeah I am.

This was my lunch earlier today, and my dinner yesterday, and my lunch yesterday and my dinner today. I know what you're thinking. That's it? You're like a horse. Or whatever. Cs is trying to refrain from calling me a horse. My husband is thinking out loud.

Haha I care not. I like vegetables and tuna ok. And my dressing is kinda awesome. I made it up as I went. In the beginning, I ate the vegetables without dressings but I got bored so yea, I made my own dressings. 

For the dressings, I just added some mayo, mustard, a little honey, salt and pepper, and red wine vinegar. Mix it all up and voila. I'm not sure how other people think about it and my own husband don't want to try it. Fucker. So other people probably might find it weird. 

I bought these fresh salad by the box and finish the whole thing in about 2-3 days. I also added in some of these canned tuna by the side for protein.

I don't eat like this all the time ok. I just got fed up with the scales and myself. Stop whining about the weight if you're not doing anything about it. Like Cynthia says: I don't wanna be that person who whines but don't do anything about it.

She has a point. So I did this instead. Eat less carbs and work out more.

At least its healthy. Somewhat. I eat this as my main meal, for lunch and dinner, then the rest of the time, I snack on yoghurt/biscuits/fruits, and my weight did go down.

Awesome. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Dramatic much.

Btw, unrelated but I'm watching Grey's Anatomy while typing this. 

Quoting Alex Karev: I can see you like vegetables, after surgery you might become one.

Hahahah wtf?!

Change of topic again. This is Cs' nephew. He is so cute. I posted this on FB with the caption: testing parenthood. And have no idea why so many people like it. Everyone is waiting for us to have a kid of our own.

We keep waiting for a perfect time. No, not perfect. But we said, at least a year. Now that a year has passed, we're waiting for our upcoming trip to pass, we're waiting for after Xmas, after New Year Eve, after CNY, after Valentines etc etc .

At this rate, we're never going to have kids. There is no perfect timing. Maybe we should just fook it. And I should delete my blog before I have kids eh. Imagine if my future kid saw this and go: whaaaat? Mommy said fook it, and that's how I came out?!! 

Yea, someone remind me to delete this post or my entire blog by then. 

Moving on again..

Happy us in Pavillion when we were in KL.
Xmas is officially over for another year. Tomorrow we will be celebrating the end of 2012. Or the arrival of 2013. Year of the snake! I'm referring to the chinese zodiac, non-chinese people.

Maybe this is a good time to do my resolutions, since tomorrow its back to work till our bosses let us off early and we go and get ready for the night ahead.

Or I'll do it later. Procrastinator. 


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