Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Xmas eve dinner

Hello hello.

I spent my Christmas morning cleaning the house. Boy, was I in a cleaning frenzy. Don't know why but I woke up with one thought (other than hey, no hangover at all): clean the house!!

 Wiped all the tables, chairs, cupboards, did the laundry, folded the clothes, vacuum-ed the entire house, mopped the floors, and swept the car park.

When Cs came home from work, he went: IMPOSSIBLE!! You're not only awake but the house is clean. Not just clean, it is spotless!!

My husband is a bit kuai lan lah. Hahaha..

Anyway, these are photos from last night. For dinner, we went to Mr Ho's Fine Foods. We had the set dinner. It costs about RM 88 per person. If I remember correctly. It was quite pricey. But that was to be expected since its Christmas. Everywhere else increase the price as well.

I just hoped that with the price increase, at least we would be satisfied. Or full, at least. 

The food portions were too little and food was mehh. But judge for yourself. I have photos as proof! 

Photos taken with my trusty S90. Kinda in love with that cardigan..its from Cotton On. I got it in Pavillion and came back to Kuching and saw that same cardigan in Merdeka Mall. At least its the same price. :)

First to come was this angel hair aglio olio (me thinks) with bacon bits. Aside from the bacon, it was quite tasteless. Very small portion actually. I took a very close shot.

Look for yourself. From that photo, does it look appetizing? Not really eh. Looks dry and under seasoned, which it was.

Then our drinks arrived. We had a Tiger each.

We booked our table in advance so we were seated straightaway when we arrived. But those we didn't make a reservation had to go sit at the bar while waiting for seats. 

This was our pumpkin soup in a cup. Nice and creamy. No complaints. But not enough. I want more food.

 I probably look a bit too made up under the bright lights, but I was going drinking afterwards..so I have an excuse. 

Main course: turkey, potatoes, carrots and grapes. I think it was too little. I didn't feel full even, what more to say Cs.

I didn't want to fill up my stomach with too much pasta before hand plus I didn't know that the portions after that would be so disappointing, so I didn't finish it my pasta. Cs finished it instead. And even after that he said he's still hungry hahah.

Seriously though, after we both cleaned out our plates, we went: that's it??

Some of the deco at Mr Ho's.

My husband.

My husband's wife.

Spot the little xmas tree. I love cakes and choc as much as the other girl, but this was way too sweet for me. I didn't finish this. If I had, I would probably end up with diabetes. No exaggeration.

Hahah ok maybe a bit. 

After that meal, we went to Loso to look for other friends as it was too early to go to Space by then. What I didn't expect was to find my friends already quite intoxicated. They finished a box of Stanley! Over dinner! 4 liters of red wine!! A bit siao. Hahah.

We joined them for a glass of red wine then went to Space at about 10pm. 

Continue next time. .

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