Saturday, 15 December 2012

In transition

Am waiting for the hubs to wake up so we can go out for supper. He's been craving or chien (oyster omelet/pancake) for quite some time. Least I could do for him after all he did these few days.

He's been holding our plastic bags, and waiting for me while I wait for the crazy long queue at h&m for the fitting room- some more I went in twice! Bought quite a few items so its ok. Peace.

So turn to accompany him food hunting. :)

Christmas trees everywhere and Christmas carols in almost every shop. 10 more days to Xmas. So fast!!

Can hardly believe it. It's our last night in KL too. Time flies when you're busy.

A lot of people like Xmas more than cny. I like Xmas cos its end of the year mood, and it's especially nice of ur in a four season country cos u get to experience the weather changes and snow! Pretty snow but depressingly cold.

But with the cold comes fun activities like ice skating, so it's still ok.

Anyway, I meant to say, I prefer Cny. Maybe cos my family make a big deal out of it. Once a year, it is nice to dress up, eat, drink, go visiting, play host, and so in and so forth.

Or maybe it's because I didn't get to celebrate cny last year. I was here only for the first day.

Kinda miss gambling. Miss the whole crazy atmosphere. But it's ok. Time flies. Be here in a blink of an eye.

Typing from my phone again. Forgive my errors, if any. And forgive me for jumping from topic to topic.

Mum n win are at the buffet dinner tonight. Last night is was our turn. Haha we had these free buffet vouchers for 2, but the catch was only 2 people can dine per night.

That's why we had to eat separately. Ah well. Free so no complains.

I had an apple cider and a Budweiser now. Holidays what. Cs sleeping; mum and Winnie eating; what should I do then?

Defensive max haha.

Wanted to go to Pavillion just now but it was sooo crowded. Everywhere was btw. So different from Thursday and Friday noon. I miss.

Felt like I shopped a lot but why are our luggage cases still empty looking? I over estimated myself. Maybe I should shop more..meh.

Ok gotta go wake Cs up.


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