Friday, 14 December 2012

I am in KL now..

..and very busy shopping. That has been our agenda yesterday, today, and tomorrow. May God have mercy on our feet and back. And wallet. Hahah.

Shopping with mum n Winnie is different from how I shop with Cs.

With Cs, I have to take into account his type of clothes, which shop to go into, take time to go for breaks for coffee, tea or go eat with him. At regular intervals to rest our legs and backs.

With mum and Winnie, we just go and go and go non stop. Pause for lunch. Resume shopping..continue 10 hours. Siao one..

I asked Cs: am I abnormal? Why can't I shop like Winnie?

I simply don't have the patience she has to shift through that huge mountain of pretty panties at cotton on. I pick one or two and give up. Time to move on..

So we split up occasionally, which works out well for all of us. They don't have to deal with my impatience; I don't have to deal with their slowness; and Cs can have me to himself. :)


Believe it or not, I can't seem to shop properly without my mum n sis. Nobody to ask me to go try on that or that. It sort of motivates me. Sort of.

Oh well..

Imma go rest now..lest I embarrass myself any further..

Btw we went out at 1030 am this morning and came back at 930 pm. Backs breaking. Actually mum n win only.

Cs and I gave up and came back at 6 and went out again at 730. Heheh..losers.

Btw I'm typing from my phone. Might have errors..

Some photos of these few days:

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