Monday, 24 December 2012

This is why we are sisters

So yesterday Winnie and I were at home talking together, when she mentioned: hey, we survived the apocalypse.

I said: Oh yea.. so?

Winnie: So we should celebrate!!!

Me: But we did celebrate already.

[We both celebrated last night (Saturday). I had a pool party with friends, and Winnie went to a beach party.]

Winnie: No, I mean we didn't celebrate together.

Me: Oh ok.. So let's drink now then.

Winnie: OK. But we're out of beer. Hey let's call Dad and ask to drink his Macallan.

(Dad is in SG with mum).

Dialing..Mum picks up.

Winnie: Hello mama? You with dad now?

Mum: Ya, why?

Winnie: Nothing, just pass him the phone.

Dad: Hamik kang tao? (What's up in Hokkien)

Winnie: Amy and I are at home and wondering can we drink one of your Macallan? No more beer.

Dad: OK, but take the green bottle.

Hangs up. Horray! Runs to open bottle.

After pouring the first glass, I look at Winnie and say: any excuse to drink, eh?

Apocalypse my ass.


Btw, its Christmas Eve. Time to party! Err, I mean, go to Church. Ahem, yea. And err ask for forgiveness. No wait, that's Hari Raya. Or do Christians ask for forgiveness too?

I just know we're supossed to be more giving and err yea fook it. All I know is that my family and friends are busy buying presents for themselves (and some small minority, for friends), busy eating and drinking.

Every other place is probably fully booked tonight. And every other young adult aka me, will probably be very intoxicated tonight.

In Kuching, we all just go out to a fancy dinner on Xmas eve, and then drink the night away. By we all, I mean me and my friends.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!!

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