Saturday, 29 December 2012

Xmas eve 2012

A continuation of Xmas eve. After dinner, it was too early to go to Space so we went to Loso to meet up with the others. Definitely didn't expect to see red faces already by then hahah. It sounds super happening there oredi whereas Cs and I came from a quiet dinner. 

Btw, Loso is a bar/pub behind Riverside Majestic. They seem to like organizing events, and they make it big. There are official photographers, and they make videos afterwards. Loso is actually just a small pub. Intime but yeah, still fun that night, it seems.

If it sounds like I'm promoting Loso, I am. Haha I just know that its owned by a friend of Daniel's.

Photo quality damn good..obviously from a DSLR. Nicked the photo from Facebook (FB) from Loso's FB page.

From left: me, SL, Stef, Caroline and Welly. Stef and Caroline are sisters..but only C is available. Everyone else is taken. :)

At about 10pm, we all went to Space together. The place was packed! Lucky we got a pretty good table. Right in front of the DJ booth. 

I don't really like looking at other people's clubbing photos in blogs since you don't know them eh..But I gotta post these photos up. For me. As memories. Even though the night wasn't as much fun as it could have been, but still. So yea, I'll try to make it less boring in my own way..

Cs, sparkly lights and blur photo. 

Spot me! Stole the photo off FB too. Credits goes to Alex Tan. 

Vero, Caroline, me and Welly.

Daniel's friend (didn't get his name, sorry!), Daniel, me and Cs. We had beer only that night. The rest had red wine during dinner, and Cs and I had beer during dinner too.

From here on in, photos all taken with my S90. 

Say hello to the hunchback of Kuching. Yea, yea I know I hunch. I'm trying to stop that. Winnie smacks me on the back all the time. Bitch. Mum puts her up to it. 

Welly and Alvin. She looks good here..cute. 

Sexy ladies.. 

OK I pretty much suck at captions so imma let the photos do the talking.

Daniel and Cs. 

Those green things on our fingers are actually like laser lights, that you wear on your finger. I thought it was a whistle at first. 

Daniel not yet ready hahah..looks weird but everyone else looks good.

I got my dress from Bangkok and have been waiting to wear it for Xmas. I didn't think that I would gain weight. In fact when I bought it, I thought mehh..I can lose weight easily. No problem by then. Haha plus it was cheap. Sort of.

Nice photo of the three of them: SL, Boon and Vero. And part of Caroline's stunned face. 

They gave us party packs..but the one I liked was the laser light thingy only. I think I have one in the car still. No idea if it still lights up though.

Winnie came really late to join us. Was it after midnight? I'm not so sure already. Bad memory. 

We didn't stay late that night..and none of us wanted to go for supper. Haha proof of how mehh that night was. When I called Winnie at home, around 2 am, she told me: I'm in bed!! Can you believe it?

Yeah..Winnie is the type who sleeps at 4 or 5 am on weekdays.

I'm hoping New Year Eve would be less disappointing and more fun!

Till then, bye. 

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