Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Reflections on 2012 and Resolutions for 2013

I just want to do a brief wrap up of 2012..look back on the best parts, and the things that I am thankful for in my life. I'm a lucky bitch and 2012 has been kind to me. 

So, in no particular order, the best parts of 2012 would be:

1) Travelled to Taiwan (twice - once with Cs' family, and the other with my mum and sis). Both trips are so different, but equally awesome in their own way.

It was his first time to Taiwan, and 10 years since I last went back to Taiwan. So we were both equally excited and anticipating the trip in our own way. I was feeling nostalgic and he was just excited and happy to eat everything in sight. Haha. 

 Some more it was winter and quite cold so that made it more fun, I think. If I had to choose a perfect trip, this one would win.

The second trip to Taiwan was different in that I spent more time with my cousins and relatives. We don't stay in the same country so keeping in touch is difficult. They speak Mandarin and Taiwanese, Winnie and I speak to each other in English, but in Taiwan, we are forced to speak in Mandarin ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS!! 

Yeah, had to caps it cos that was how our cousin reacted to our English. Haha..when she came to Kuching, we taught her English though. The only thing she remembered was idiot. Blame that on Kevin.

That photo was taken on the last night outside our hotel. I miss her. I have to call her tonight. Tango! Awesome app. Lets you video and voice call for free. That was how Cs and I kept in touch when I was in Taiwan. Tango and Viber. The video part is good cos you can see and check on each other. Hahah.

2) Bangkok trip because I have always wanted to go there. Most of the Thai people we met are generally friendly, humble and polite it seems. But the best thing about travelling to Bangkok or Thailand in general, was that we don't have to worry too much of expenses being too pricey. 

Always good when you're on holiday. Unlike in Hong Kong, we were busy converting  and thinking how much did that meal cost again? You tell yourself to stop it, stop converting when you're on holiday but yeah, guilty as charged.

When we were in Phuket, instead of cringing, we were marvelling at the bill. Our meal came up to that only?!! Yeahh..awesome right.

Happy times.

3) Buying a new house. It was a, for want of a better word, bold and spontaneous decision for us. No, not spontaneous. How can buying a house be? I meant that we didn't think much of moving. It wasn't really an option. There were problems with the house that we got sort of used to, accustomed to already. Such as the roof leaking.

 I have lost count of how many times we asked the contractor to fix it, and Cs' parents are probably fed up of asking us AGAIN whether is it leaking after a heavy rain fall. Its the little things..so one day, we just took that step. Buy a new house and sell this one. 

Our home. I'm sitting on the sofa typing as I write this. May I just say that it does not look like the picture as I look around. We took that photo for an ad. So we had to clean the house in advance. Right now, I see papers on the sofa beside me, the coffee table is full with books, water bottles, guava, and clothes on the floor, socks cos I was planning to run but instead I chose to write this, and err yea clutter. 

 I also see memories of us everywhere..it is hard to let go of our first home together. We chose everything together, we make memories in this home, but I'm glad to move on.

We will make new memories. :)

5) Celebrated our one year anniversary of our wedding! 

By err..doing nothing really. I shall force Cs to do something next year. At least go out for dinner please. 

To ring in the new year, we went to the Sarawak Club dinner and countdown. Even though the night was quite boring, its ok. Its just a night. I'll make sure that my CNY is nothing like that though. 

The best part about last night was the photo booth!! Love it!!

There were 3 choices: colour, black & white, or antique. So Winnie and I went up three times to take photos. Heh. Our table was so close to the photo booth so when opportunity calls, we go. 

For 2013, I want to:

1) Add a new destination to our travel list. At least one international, and one domestic. I'm persuading Cs to go to Penang. I must eat Penang char kuay tiaw for myself and Penang laksa. I must! 

2) Sell off our current home for a really good price which will enable our move to the new place much easier and more international destinations. Heh.

3) Work out more and get back to my ideal weight. I must exercise more and make use of the pool before I move out.

4) Get knocked up. Hahahah. I kid, or am I.

5) We'll just make this up as we go. 

I really have to go run on the treadmill in order to make number 3 work.

Happy 2013 everyone! Hope this year will be even better than 2012.

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